E3 06: Jade Empire hitting up PCs

BioWare reveals its popular Xbox kung-fu fantasy will soon be mopping the floor with PC gamers.


LOS ANGELES--One of last year's most anticipated Xbox games was Jade Empire, the innovative hybrid of kung-fu action and high fantasy from Canadian developer BioWare. Though not as rapturously received by critics as was expected, the game still scored solid reviews. It has also sold over 385,000 copies in North America, according to figures from the NPD group.

Now, PC gamers will be able to decide for themselves if Jade Empire lives up to its now year-old hype. On its official Web site, BioWare today announced that Jade Empire is coming to PCs. The developer didn't give a release date or say whether or not the game would be exclusive to the forthcoming Windows Vista operating system, as several recently announced PC games are.

While short on release specifics, BioWare did drop some general details about how the PC Jade Empire will be different from its Xbox predecessor. It will sport "increased graphics resolutions and new visual effects," and contain "new monsters and enemies." On the gameplay tip, it will sport "new fighting styles," "improved combat AI and difficulty levels," and a "new world map interface."

For more on the Xbox version of Jade Empire, check out GameSpot's full review.

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