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E3 06: Itagaki to unveil DOAX2 at E3

Tecmo producer hard at work on sequel, which he says will be more than just a bikini-volleyball game.


While Tecmo producer Tomonobu Itagaki just released Dead or Alive 4 a few months ago, he's already working hard on his next project for the Xbox 360. In an interview with Famitsu Xbox 360, he revealed that development on Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 is being fast-tracked, and he expects to show off a trailer of the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Itagaki spent January and February working on DOA4's patch and preparing for development on DOAX2. It wasn't until this month, though, that he traveled to Microsoft's Seattle headquarters to make a presentation of the game. Still, he has confidence in its creation, commenting to Famitsu Xbox 360 that development is proceeding extremely quickly. His developers are already working on swimsuits, and they've also started recording the opening and ending cinematics. Like DOA4, the game will feature prerendered cinematics, as Itagaki prefers their visual quality.

Itagaki referred to DOAX2 as a "swimsuit game," and although he didn't elaborate, he confirmed that it will feature more than just volleyball. Itagaki plans to unveil some of the new, non-volleyball material in DOAX2 at E3.

Looking back at the first DOAX, Itagaki felt that it was a bit monotonous as a game. Although DOAX2's concept will continue to be a "vacation in the southern islands," he said there are plans to spice things up overall. He said that the game is currently being developed by double the number of staff as the original DOAX.

Itagaki confirmed that players will be able to challenge one another via Xbox Live in DOAX2, though he didn't seem to be completely fond of the idea. Itagaki admitted that shortly before the Famitsu interview, his team came to the conclusion that playing volleyball on the Xbox Live simply wouldn't be fun in comparison to DOA4's online fighting. Therefore, Itagaki hopes to add in some other online modes, which he had not disclosed as of press time.

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