E3 06: <i>100 Bullets</i> gets another shot at gaming

D3Publisher of America inks rights to make games based on DC comic series; new projects will have no ties to Acclaim's unfinished adaptation.


It's hard to keep a good license down.

In the DC comic series 100 Bullets (published under its Vertigo brand), a mysterious man known as Agent Graves facilitates revenge for a variety of people. Generally, he does this by offering them a briefcase containing proof of a past crime, a gun, 100 untraceable bullets, carte blanche to exact revenge on the person who committed the crime and did them an irrevocable wrong, and immunity from punishment.

In 2004, Acclaim Entertainment revealed it was working on a game about the comic noir, but the company suffered a high-profile collapse and declared bankruptcy before the game could be completed. But just as Acclaim has risen from the grave, so too have the gaming prospects of 100 Bullets. D3Publishing of America today announced that it has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop and publish console, PC, and handheld games based on the comic series.

However, drawing a further parallel between Acclaim and the 100 Bullets game, much like the new Acclaim has no ties to the old company beyond its name, the new game will be entirely unconnected to its previous incarnation. A D3Publishing representative confirmed for GameSpot that its projects using the license will be built from the ground up and will not be built off the assets of Acclaim Entertainment's attempt to turn the comic into a game.

D3Publishing expects to release its first 100 Bullets game in the third quarter of 2007, though it hasn't announced which platform(s) would play host to it.

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