E3 06: Gearbox turning up <i>Heat</i> on next-gen consoles

Michael Mann's 1995 crime film is getting the game treatment; Kilmer on board, De Niro and Pacino in talks.


LOS ANGELES--Though it was only a moderate success when it hit theaters in 1995, Heat has developed a devout cult following. Its deep characters, clockwork-like plot, and intense violence have earned director Michael Mann's three-hour-long crime epic many fans, more than a few of which are game developers. Indeed, the ultradifficult bank robbery level of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was a direct homage to the film, featuring copies of the hockey-mask-and-coverall disguises worn in the beginning of Heat and re-creating its violent street-shootout denouement.

Now, it appears Heat will be getting a more direct game adaptation. Today, the hybrid entertainment company Titan Productions announced that it has reached a deal with Regency Entertainment, the Hollywood production company that owns the rights to Heat, to publish a game based on the film for "next-generation consoles" in 2007.

According to Titan Productions, Mann is in talks with Gearbox to oversee the game's development. There's also a good chance that many of the movies' stars will be lending their voices and likenesses to the game. Titan claims it is in "advanced stages with representatives for Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer to be part of the video game sequel."

According to a statement by Titan, Heat: The Game will be a prequel or sequel to the film. If the game is a sequel, De Niro's character, Neil McCauley, will appear in flashback, perhaps in the form of training missions. If Pacino declines to get onboard, it would be a sequel that would have a new detective chasing down McCauley's crew.

Though the prospect of a Heat game elicited whoops of delight inside the GameSpot E3 booth, Titan's record has been more than a little spotty. Clive Barker's Demonik, its next-gen game collaboration with Terminal Reality, was canceled in February. Little has been heard about its other movie-game crossover projects, such as Guillermo del Toro's Sundown and John Carpenter's Psychopath, since they were announced.

However, unlike other Titan projects, the Heat game has a well-respected studio on board--Gearbox Software, developer of Brothers in Arms and the PC port of Halo. "There is something about this concept that I call 'hardcore heist' that has never really been done well in a video game, yet everyone on the planet has thought about robbing a bank or something at one time or another," Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford said in a statement. "Heat pretty much defined what hardcore heist means and it gives us a narrative mechanism to consider both sides."

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Avatar image for buster007

So i guess Heat is never gonna happen?

Avatar image for deadliest88

I loved the heist on Kane & Lynch made me totally think of heat only with a success :D gearbox can make it better ? we shall see...

Avatar image for patrick31180

when are they going to give us info on heat iv being tracking 2 years now

Avatar image for DarqKiller

All I really have to say is, Rock on gearbox and dont *** it up, Because ****ing up Michael Mann makes you look like a complete douche.

Avatar image for InfectiousDust

They better not mess this latest movie-to-game port up like the rest...

Avatar image for jack_jacob

Really cool movie, just hope they produce a good product and a nice trailer in the e3 07. On the other hand, nothing is confirmed and i hope they don't scrap the project, i am really looking forward for it. GO Gearbox!!!!!!!

Avatar image for OGGIS

The movie is really cool. I hope, that the game wouldn't be thrash as Scarface: The world is yours and Godfather: The Game =|

Avatar image for kyle_toker

one of my fav movies, better not screw up the game if it doesnt do any good i wont play it so i dont ruin the movie

Avatar image for ibz4ever

looks really interesting, this film is one of my favs but i just hope that they dont spoil the game like the did with scarface, i mean the previews looked soo cool for scarface but when it was actually released it wasnt all that AND THE DAMM VOICING WASNT DONE BY AL PACINO WTF?!!!?! Y?!! anyways hopefully they wont screw this one up

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Avatar image for GCN49

just watched the movie... great movie... hoping for a great game...

Avatar image for KyanMehwulfe

Interesting. Heat mother slaggin' rocks.

Avatar image for DevJin

they should only release their games at ps3 only, if they want to sell BIG.

Avatar image for Teivan

i loved that movie! I can't wait to play the game!

Avatar image for John_Stewart

go heat!!!!

Avatar image for diablusx

I may have not seen the movie in a while but how can they stretch out the 3 or 4 heists without the game being bad?

Avatar image for aj_102


Avatar image for Mohamadouf

It will Suck Like every other single game made after a movie

Avatar image for gdogg4210

idunno, sounds kinda iffy, but if they do make it i hope its a preqeul because it just wont be Heat without Danny Trejo

Avatar image for comthitnuong

that cool

Avatar image for gellis1981

I love this movie...a very underrated film. It's one of those movies that you can root for the good and bad guy..De Niro and Pacino were great.

Avatar image for Ravushimo

one of my favorite movie and now they wannamake game! awesome, i have hope that game will be v.good :D

Avatar image for Cyke

It's one of my favorite movies ever, so I'm happy for the announcement. However, let's hope they actually take elements like planning a robbery or catching robbers in the act into the gameplay, instead of just going the easy way out by making it another GTA clone/ generic 3rd-person shooter.

Avatar image for spidey008

Great... Another game that the politicians can bash!

Avatar image for Killagorilla27

That sounds kinda cool. I'm a huge fan of Michael Mann films, especially Heat and Collateral, so this could be cool. I wonder how the whole prequel/sequel thing will work...I was kinda hoping you could just play through the movie....with events leading up to the beginning, and the fallout at the end...that sounded cool - but still - next-gen. So, hopefully this will be good.

Avatar image for chrisdojo

that's, well, hot i guess.

Avatar image for mattxavier

I hope it would be open world.

Avatar image for DJKrayz_basic

Heat was a cool movie.. but can they truly make a game out of it..? time will tell.. absolutely loved the gunfight in the bank robbery part of the movie.. cool stuff...

Avatar image for MartinMan

Wow.......a game based on the Movie HEAT will definitely kick ass.

Avatar image for j05l33

some good stuff, hopefully it wont be a disappointment like other games based on movies

Avatar image for snakes2solid

Hey Al Pacino!!.. Get your ass in the videogame!!!!!!!!!!.. I love ya but you should be in this one!!... "videogames have come a long way"!!!.. " it's a form of entertainment and you're very entertaining"!.." stop holding back"!

Avatar image for FINNT

DAMN this game will kick ASS !!

Avatar image for gibb1

i don't remember much from the film, but i'll watch it soon, but it's seems cool.

Avatar image for patton101

Heat is one of my favorite movies but honestly I cant see this as a game. But who knows, we'll see how it turns out.

Avatar image for Maquis_UK

does the phrase ' me too games' mean anything?

Avatar image for Apathetic_Prick

Very cool; Heat's one of my favourite movies. But, I think it should be two games in one. One from the side of the thieves, another from the side of the cops, because that's basically how the movie was, too. Except it's a lot easier to tell two simultaneous stories when it's non-interactive.

Avatar image for 247k

that's great

Avatar image for mattxavier

The scene with Deniro and Al Pacino in the diner was deep, it was a classic secene.The game, if it is made should be fantastic.

Avatar image for cesarotromundo

good good

Avatar image for NeoJedi

That movie is awesome, let's hope the game port is as good. If Pacino, DeNiro and Kilmer sign on, it'll be incredible.

Avatar image for Drachman

Heat is an excellent movie, but the scene that made it was the scene with De Niro and Pachino sitting in the diner talking about bank robbing off the record. Only those two great actors could pull that off so well.

Avatar image for dirtywhiteboy

As long as the down-town LA shoot-out sounds like it did in the movie I might try it out. Man that was one of the best movie shoot-outs ever an the weapons sounded sooo good!!

Avatar image for Schillinger

Great movie, but why!

Avatar image for xmg0

Gearbox should do nicely because of past performances which did well in fun and sales.

Avatar image for Neil1

OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I can't wait to see how this turns out. I really hope it does well. I was only thinking a little while ago about a HEAT game - now it's coming!!!

Avatar image for soulknight63133

Though I ilke HEAT I don't see how they would be able make it too much different from GTA, The Godfather, and Scarface. Some of these titles weren't too bad, it got repititious and boring as you got near the half way point in these games.

Avatar image for NintendoGamer06

movie isn't average, better than most films, anything with Al Pacino is and Heat is one of the best on all fronts. (story, actors, music, location setting). The game probably won't work unless they spend a great deal of time on it. If the 3 main actors don't sign up and they change the story then i would rather they leave the licence alone. It would cost the makers alot of money to get everyone on board, and what about the soundtrack....don't think that would be used. If they are going to make a game as poor as EA'S Godfather it will be a crime.

Avatar image for loganbdh2

Heat will be a great game adaption.......and if pachino does the voice acting for this game it'll clearly show that he is tired of scarface being called his "prodigy movie"

Avatar image for anamnawshad

One of my favorite movies! Don't know how the game will turn out........

Avatar image for aloushi87

That movie was average (IMO), i wonder how will the game turn out!

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