E3 06: Four from Q for Q4

Buena Vista Games picks up publishing rights to Lumines PSP sequel and PS2 port, Disney-themed Meteos, and Every Extend Extra.


Buena Vista Games isn't known for branching out too far from material that its parent company, Disney, has some sort of share in. However, the publisher did take a walk on the wild side with the announcement of Desperate Housewives, based on ABC's steamy satire. Of course, Disney owns ABC and Desperate Housewives is one of TV's top shows, so that apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

As massive as The Walt Disney Company is, BVG can't just publish games based on properties overseen by the mouse house. The company announced its first steps outside the family today, revealing that it has signed a deal with Q Entertainment, the Tokyo-based developer headed by legendary game vet Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

The deal sees four games from Q, all of which have puzzle roots. No specific release dates were given, but a statement from BVG says the games will all be available this fall.

One of Q's newest franchises, Lumines, is not only getting a PlayStation Portable sequel, it will also appear on the PlayStation 2. Lumines II (pictured) will be released for the PSP, and the PS2 will be puzzled by Lumines Plus, which is described only as "a pulsing new version of the original."

American PSPs will also get Every Extend Extra, which was previously only scheduled for release in Japan. The game is a unique blend of shooting and music, featuring Mizuguchi's trademark psychedelic graphics.

The final game of the deal is Meteos: Disney Edition for the Nintendo DS. The original was released last June, and it challenged gamers to save the world from meteors using their puzzle-solving skills. This new version adds Disney characters to the mix, though it isn't clear how.

More information on all these games is expected at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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