E3 06: Family Guy detailed

2K Games' upcoming adventure in Quahog features three playable characters, different types of gameplay, trademark pop-culture parodies.


Fans of Seth McFarlane's Family Guy cartoon had mixed reactions when hearing about 2K Games making a game based on the show. When any license makes the leap to gaming, the interactive result can be a shell of what it was derived from.

The debate will no doubt linger on with the announcement of the first details of Family Guy, which is scheduled for release this fall on current-gen consoles.

Gamers will be able to switch back and forth between three characters: bumbling patriarch Peter Griffin, matricidal maniac Stewie, and martini-swigging canine Brian. Each playable character will have its own storyline--Peter is out to stop Mr. Belvedere from taking over the world, Stewie goes up against his archenemy Bertram, and Brian tries to escape his wrongful imprisonment.

Family Guy is loaded with tangential joke after joke that pokes fun at pop culture, and the 2K title will be no different, but in the game the jokes will be interactive. Gameplay is described by 2K Games as a combination of "combat, stealth, and puzzle-solving gameplay" throughout familiar locations in the show's setting of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Family Guy has not yet been priced or rated. Look for more details during GameSpot's E3 coverage. For more information on the Family Guy TV show, head over to TV.com.

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