E3 06: Eidos pieces together new Bionicle

Bionicle Heroes scheduled for release on PS2, PC, GBA, DS, GameCube this fall; TT Games brings Lego experience to development.


TT Games, the developer formed by the merger of Giant Interactive and Traveller's Tales, owes a lot to Lego. The developer's rep has risen ever since the children's building blocks were part of one of last year's surprise hits in Lego Star Wars, which helped Eidos Interactive's parent company, SCi Entertainment, rake in higher-than-expected cash.

It's not surprising then that TT Games, with its Lego experience, will also be at the helm of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, which is back in the hands of Star Wars license holder LucasArts.

Eidos isn't abandoning the Lego brand, however, and is teaming up once again with TT for an all-new game based on the Bionicle brand, a sci-fi extension of Lego toys. The game will be titled Bionicle Heroes and will be released this fall on the PlayStation 2, PC, Game Boy Advance, DS, and GameCube.

The game will star a young hero who steps out of his normal life and into the Bionicle world. Gamers will have to master the powers and abilities of legendary Bionicle heroes to overcome challenges.

Eidos has not yet released rating or pricing information for Bionicle Heroes.

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