E3 06: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Preshow Report

A slime approaches E3 2006. And how sickeningly cute it is.


Square Enix's famously popular Dragon Quest games are filled with a large cast of foes who are both bizarre and imposing, but there is one monster that reigns supreme: the noble blue slime. Small and unassuming, smiling and serene, the slimes are always among the first creatures you encounter when beginning your Dragon Quest journey. Their cute, liquid countenances are held dear by legions of fans, and finally these hard-working little blobs are getting their due in an all-new adventure. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is an upcoming DS game that lets you take the role of one such brave slime in his efforts to save his world.

The peaceful kingdom of Slimenia may be utopia for our goopy friends, but danger lurks in the form of a mysterious group known only as "the Plob." When the Plob attacks and kidnaps every slime from the viscous capital of Boingburg, it's up to the heroic slime Rocket to set things right again. This action-adventure will allow you to actually control Rocket through a number of different areas to rescue his slime friends, plying his key slime abilities like stretching, bouncing, and carrying objects from place to place on his accommodating noggin. Boss fights would be a bit much for such a little creature, so Rocket gets to pilot a slime-shaped Schleiman Tank to blast area bosses to pieces. He'll also be able to call on his rescued friends for help, and each friend has his or her own special powers to lend. Speaking of friends, Rocket Slime will also feature wireless multiplayer options that will let you pit giant slime tanks against each other for adorable mecha action.

The look of the game is precious, and it features a number of Dragon Quest's classic monsters. This adventure game promises to fill that slime niche that has gone ignored for so long outside of Japan. Rocket Slime will be gracing the Nintendo DS's dual screens this year, so keep your eyes glued to this gamespace for news as it happens.

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