E3 06: Disaster: Day of Crisis First Look

Nintendo unveils three new Wii games, including the chaotic Disaster: Day of Crisis.


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LOS ANGELES--While the appearance of Nintendo mascots like Mario, Samus, and Link on the Wii during the company's pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference definitely got the blood pumping for any good Nintendo fan, Nintendo VP Reggie Fils-Aime also had three all-new franchises to show off, including Disaster: Day of Crisis. He set up the quick, noninteractive demo by asking "What do you do when the enemy is Mother Nature?" and it was quickly apparent from the fast-cut video that at least one of the things you'd do is run like hell from erupting volcanoes, city-destroying tidal waves, and the urban chaos that they cause.

The general sense of destruction in the video eventually gave way to focus on a young, black-haired man racing through city streets in a lean-looking sports car, flanked by a group of motorcycles. The whole of the video shown gave a sense that the game was set in a modern, urban environment, but it didn't seem to contain much in the way of gameplay. Fils-Aime stated earlier during the press conference that there will be 27 playable Wii games on the show floor at E3 2006, and we're hoping that Disaster: Day of Crisis is one of them.

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