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E3 06: Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Trailer Impressions

Scantily clad ladies do battle in various lighthearted water sports in Tecmo's playful new trailer.


LOS ANGELES--Tecmo today released a trailer for its forthcoming Xbox 360 title Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. If you didn't catch the original title, you might at least be familiar with the fighting series of a similar name, but the two sets of games bear virtually no resemblance to each other. At all.

Briefly--the plot of the original game saw Zack, the winner of Dead or Alive 3, buy a tropical island and proceed to lure all of the female characters from the game there. You then took control of one of those females, with the nominal aim of winning volleyball matches against the other ladies on the island.

This trailer for Xtreme 2 gives us little clue as to the actual aim of the new game, so we don't know exactly what will be included, or how it will play out at this point.

The trailer kicks off with a view of the paradise island on which our pixelated lovelies reside, and it's clear from the first minute or so of the video that they don't seem to have a great deal to keep them occupied. What's worse, is that they seem to have been visited by a plague of clothes-eating locusts, though thankfully all bikinis were spared.

The less-than-grueling pace of life on the island luckily hasn't prevented the ladies from keeping their shape, and they’re seen stretching out on the beach, splashing around on jet-skis, and messing about in the pool. If we were in any doubt that they weren't in tip-top condition, a number of close-ups and general chest wobbles can thankfully allay our fears.

The trailer continues on for a little while in this vein before the girls play a little volleyball, and then it reverts back to more of the playful friskiness.

It's hard to think of a game series at this point that has a more incongruous title than this one, and while this trailer gives little indication as to what the actual gameplay will consist of, it does at least give the game a shot at winning the Worst Soft Porn Feature Ever award.

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