E3 06: Dead Island Preshow Report

Zombies attack E3 yet again, as Techland's new survival horror first-person shooter will be on display at E3 2006.


LOS ANGELES--Constant zombie besiegement and utter loneliness is the tagline for Dead Island, a new survival horror first-person shooter from Chrome developer Techland. Descriptions don't come more direct than that. You are the lone protagonist on an island infested with angry, man-flesh feasting zombies, and it's up to you to survive their onslaught.

Dead Island takes on the first-person perspective to try and instill a more personalized form of fear and dread, as you will be surrounded constantly by scads and scads of walking corpses. To that end, you'll consistently find yourself in situations where guns simply won't be enough. If you're out of ammo, you'll be able to use dozens of different handheld weapons to stave off zombie attacks. You'll be able to use interactive elements of the environment, as well, including the ability to create fire for weapon-based use, as well as water and electricity. Vehicles will also be available, both for transportation and a weapon to mow down zombie hordes.

Dead Island will include a number of graphical bells and whistles based on Techland's proprietary graphics engine, including fully real-time injuries, from bruises and torn skin to open fractures and severe burns.

We'll be sure and bring you more on Dead Island from the E3 2006 show floor. Stay tuned.

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