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E3 06: Children of Mana Preshow Report

The Mana series reveals more secrets at E3 2006.


The Seiken Densetsu series made its name on these shores with Secret of Mana for the Super Nintendo, but since that hallmark release, fans have been forced to subsist on Mana titles that are few and far between. Children of Mana will bring the series to life once more on the Nintendo DS system, offering up action-based gameplay that Mana devotees will find familiar, with some twists that are particular to this installment.

The biggest addition is that of cooperative multiplayer. Children of Mana will allow up to four players to join up and make progress through a hosted game, battling it out with all manner of monsters and other enemies, solving quests as they go along. The classic action-adventure gameplay will be preserved across both single and multiplayer games, along with some other features that should resonate with those familiar with the Mana games. The eight elemental spirits (Dryad, Salamander, Undine, and the rest) are of course present and accounted for and ready to aid your endeavors, and the game’s story will be tied to that of the series’ initial 1991 Game Boy release. You’ll be able to choose from four different playable characters, each with varying proficiencies across melee and magic skills. The game retains the same bright and rich art style as its predecessors, with lush backgrounds and detailed character sprites.

We’ll bring you the latest news on the domestic release as it approaches, so keep watching this gamespace for updates. Currently Children of Mana is slated to come out on the DS sometime this year.

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