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E3 06: Capcom's booth goes hands-on

Demo for sci-fi adventure Lost Planet anchors publisher's lineup of almost entirely playable titles.


LOS ANGELES--In many cases, a company's hottest, most anticipated title of the Electronic Entertainment Expo isn't actually at the show, showing up only in trailer form--a teaser to whet gamers' appetites. Not so with Capcom, whose booth features its upcoming Xbox 360 sci-fi adventure, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Not only is Lost Planet playable on the show floor, it's playable at home too, thanks to a demo Capcom has released over Xbox Live Arcade.

Lost Planet isn't the only big title at Capcom's booth. The Xbox 360 Dawn of the Dead-esque zombie beat-'em-up Dead Rising is also featured prominently in the booth, as are the PlayStation 2 games God Hand and Okami.

On portables, the PlayStation Portable role-playing game Monster Hunter Freedom is getting some major real estate. Much less prominent is MegaMan ZX for the Nintendo DS, which is playable on an unlabeled kiosk along one wall of the booth. Three new Capcom Classics compilations are also hands-on, with the Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded PSP demo available for attendees to download onto their systems using the game-sharing feature.

The only game hanging under the giant company logos at Capcom's booth that isn't playable is Phoenix Wright 2 for the DS, which cycles through on a video display next to the latest MegaMan Battle Network games. On the back side of the booth (in the aisle facing 2K Games' space), a glass case holds a number of Capcom toys, models, and comic books, including a full lineup of Resident Evil 4 action figures.

For hands-on impressions of Capcom's lineup, check back with GameSpot throughout the show.

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