E3 06: Capcom unveils E3 lineup

Street Fighter, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Monster Hunter, Mega Man lead slew of recognizable franchises being showcased at event; more to be announced later.


Today Capcom announced its lineup of games for this year's E3 trade show, which takes place May 10 through May 12 in Los Angeles. The lineup features both familiar faces and new IP, as well as their first entries into the next generation.

Capcom also promised more to come--in addition to the playable demos announced today, the company also has new games it will announce at E3.

The list of Capcom games playable at E3 is as follows:

PlayStation 2
-God Hand
-Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Xbox 360
-Lost Planet
-Dead Rising

-Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins
-Monster Hunter Freedom

Nintendo DS
-Mega Man ZX

Gameboy Advance
-Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar, Cybeast Falzar

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Avatar image for cloudstrife75

no resident evil 5? :(

Avatar image for thechosenone827

Sounds good, but Capcon needs to unveil Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360

Avatar image for i_love_my_ds

where's RE5? is it coming to the rev?

Avatar image for Jshaw71

ps3 won;t be out til winter this year, (IIRC) And I guess capcom is not going to offer any launch titles, oh well

Avatar image for Blazer88

Oh don't worry,..Res Evil and DMC will be rehashed for years to come,..it is Capcom after all

Avatar image for KoruKinshi

SFA Anthology? *SCOFFALICIOUS* I have all the alpha games already for my Saturn and my Dreamcast. Why the hell am I going to waste $50 to put it on a PS2 with substandard graphics and load times? Seriously. Capcom better have some better titles up their sleeves, or something new, because if not, I'm sticking with SNK at this rate. I mean, come on...Darkstalkers 4, anyone? Where's that? Enough rehashing, you lazy slobs! Bring us MORE new stuff! Okami will not cut it alone!

Avatar image for troakun

Some cool PS2, 360 titles. Hmm... a new Megaman series, will it make me care? I hope they reveal PS3 and Revo. titles as well (Killer 7 sequal for revolution )

Avatar image for DemonJD138

Nothing playable for Revolution or PS3 doesn't surprise me, but I'm stoked at the possibilities. I'm totally stoked about SFA Anthology! Why can't E3 be sooner!?

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Okami is the only game I'm looking forward to on that list.

Avatar image for boxcarracer565

to bad i dont play capcom games.

Avatar image for Mysticgamer2000

What? Only two Megaman games? Okami must have taken up the staffing.

Avatar image for GKBeetle

Yeah, they said they would tell about the new games at E3. These are only the games that the press already knew that Capcom would be releasing. Anything new, aka PS3 and Revolution titles, will not be shown till E3. That's what I got out of the story.

Avatar image for eiru

okami and god hand cookin for ps2!!! way to go capcom!!!!

Avatar image for LCY

Okami! that will steal the show!

Avatar image for IceRider_3000

No BoF VI...lol

Avatar image for Doolum

Looking forward to the PSP games from Capcom this E3.

Avatar image for faridmon

maybe gamecube games will be anounced at E3, to who says nothing to gamecube!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for MrPuzzlez

The MegaMan ZX is probably just a DS version of that tired azz MegaManZero saga and Battle Network 6 should be on the DS...

Avatar image for dhmy2kgto

Looking good!

Avatar image for mikekare79

Lost Planet and Dead Rising!!

Avatar image for akilshohen

Street fighter anthology should be on all 3 current systems, nuff said

Avatar image for WolfSkill5544

not suprising at all, but good games that are comming out, I hope that they have some news about street fighter next-gen fighting.

Avatar image for joyer

i suspect e3 will have the big surprises... none of those are remotely surprising or new to anyone paying attention

Avatar image for NeoJedi

Nice... Looking forward to: -God Hand -Lost Planet -Dead Rising -Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

Avatar image for JJOR64

Where is Resident Evil 5?

Avatar image for Fallout_red

Okami and God Hand, The greatest current-gen games of E3 besides MK.

Avatar image for carl2tan

MMBN6:CG, I cant wait!!!

Avatar image for Bond1020

i wish RE5 was up there

Avatar image for jvonrader

Why no PS3 titles? Because it's hard to play games on vaporware, that's why. ....I kid, I kid.

Avatar image for bayroot88

Who Cares !

Avatar image for PSdual_wielder

i doubt they wont announce anything about RE5

Avatar image for Orasion_Seiz

Okami will probably be the main spotlight

Avatar image for comthitnuong

wish ther was more

Avatar image for ff7cloudking

I hope Okami will a good game.

Avatar image for Whats-Good-Pimp

No DMC 4?? RE 4?? :(

Avatar image for Shykool

"Capcom also promised more to come--in addition to the playable demos announced today, the company also has new games it will announce at E3."-From the article By the way the list is of games that will be playable on the show floor.

Avatar image for tatu2004

where's RE5.....???

Avatar image for 3ternalsword207

yet another Mega Man game. hopefully they will unveil more must own games.

Avatar image for FuguNabe

All fine and dandy but unimpressed with the existing SF game milkage..... Hopefully a SF4 arcade game is at least in the making.

Avatar image for fierro316

Street Fighter IV for god's sake!!!!!!

Avatar image for Game13a13y

this list is nothing until we see some PS 3 or REV titles.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

ok first off this is not a complete list if you read closly , gc may have none today but later im sure there will be AS for revolution could be later on gc didnt start getting capcom titles until re1

Avatar image for Kingofunrealuk

It seems Capcom is putting alot of its development into XBOX360 games, I'm supprised no Revolution games are on that list. I would have thought Nintendo would get them on board asap. No doubt there will be some supprise annoucements though.

Avatar image for TPSISO9000

With the huge decline in sales in all 3 territories, and the skyrocketing production costs, we're seeing the end result. Reduced quantity and franchise sequels, sure moneymakers. This has been the trend for awhile now, but with limited 360 progress (even with sellouts, the install base isn't that big, and don't even mention Japan), the PS3's price ambiguity, and the lukewarm response to the Revolution, look for this to become SOP for all the big publishers.

Avatar image for Paul_TheGreat

There better be some PS3 games from Capcom.

Avatar image for Imavnas

Come on people, its obvious their not allowed to reveal their Revolution or PS3 games. Their definitely saving those announcements for the conferance. Besides, the conferances are two weeks away. Were almost there everyone, almost there.

Avatar image for paradyme777

I was hoping they would have more Xbox360 games to show but I guess not. Oh well, onto the next developer.

Avatar image for Seraphim_24

The classics never die, but how long has it been since we've had a must have Mega Man game?

Avatar image for runstalker

Only revealing their PS3 stuff as part of Sony's presentation, then rolling it out after.

Avatar image for bioniccommando1


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