E3 06: Capcom has God Hand

Devil May Cry and Resident Evil veterans leading development of new action title in Japan; no US release date set.


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Capcom reps have confirmed to GameSpot that the company has a new game in the works, God Hand. "At this time I can only confirm that Capcom will release God Hand for the PS2 in Japan," said the rep.

While the rep would not go into specifics such as price and release date, French game site JeuxFrance.com has some details on the title. It claims that God Hand is an action title, and will be developed by a team led by Shinji Mikami and Atsushi Inaba.

God Hand's two lead designers have produced a string of hit franchises for Capcom. Mikami, who's on board to direct God Hand, also has Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Resident Evil on his resume. Meanwhile, God Hand producer Inaba is well known as the producer of the Viewtiful Joe series, as well as the upcoming Okami game for the PS2.

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The game looks pretty cool and mikami and inaba are a great creative force. They have come up with amazing concepts. It was a shame that some of them didn't performed well for the GCN. I hope that they could still support more Nintendo platforms in the future.

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It was actually very smart of them to release it on PS2 at this point in time. Since the PS3 will be backwards-compatible, this game will be able to be played by those who've already gotten their PS3 and by the 100 million people with PS2s in the world. Same thing with God of War being released for PS2 later this year.

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I hope this hints at the "10 year" life span Sony plans for all it's consoles.

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Let's rock baby ! Man, im excited !

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This could end up being good as long as it's not just a beat-em-up. IGN's info on the game makes it sound like it might be.

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OMGod! OMGod! Are Capcom, Mikami & Inaba BIG fans of "God of War"?? lol sounds like they tried to "put" a "God" influence on GodHand lmao .. oh well ... hopefully it'd be a combo of DMC, Onimusha, RE4 & GoW ... and I'll be the happiest dude!! >_

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"Remember, PS3 = 100% backwards compatible. No patches, no glitched emulation. Full compatibility." Even for Final Fantasy 11? I remember reading that Sony will probably not have 100%, but it might be close.

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radiocreed: agreed.

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I don't see any reasons to jump to next gen with announcements like those.

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PN03 did not blow. it is sweet and has a soundtrack that any Metroid game could be proud of.

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I'm getting a martial arts vibe from this game. Maybe the God Hand is some sort of technique or maybe its a nickname for the main character, either way, if that's the case, sounds interesting.

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Remember, PS3 = 100% backwards compatible. No patches, no glitched emulation. Full compatibility. Plus upconversion of 480 to 720p, plus enhanced texture filtering. I'll be happy to play cool PS2 games in '06 and '07 on that machine.

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We know absolutely nothing about the game and people are already saying it will be awesome... errrr... ok.

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Hopefully they finally create an action game with fluid controls like NG. DMC3 still felt a little stiff based on the sick stuff Dante and Vergil did in the cutscenes compared to gameplay. And the Resident Evil has always showed characters doing cool stunts and Matrix-esque moves in cutscenes, but never in actual gameplay (RE4 button cinemas don't count). Oh, and heres keeping my fingers crossed for online multiplayer.

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I too am getting a PN03 vibe. A hand to hand fighting action adventure? 2 games come to mind: Final Fight Streetwise and Beatdown Fists of Vengence. Lets hope this game fares better. Games usually being revealed so abruptly instead of a major trailer especiallly with E3 surely doesn't feel so epic and worthy of such talented developer's efforts. At least DMC3 received a huge exclusive article @ PSM. Just pure speculation however. But oh well, I guess Mikami just wanted to make a low-profile, low-budget title after jading himself making RE4.

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best game ever this is gonna b

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Ok, I'll edit, God Hand sounds promising on the merit of its producer salone. DMC, RE, and Viewtiful Joe have all enjoyed massive success and "artsy" games are coming into their own (Okami, PN03 - which blew, but get a "A" for effort). Better?

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"This sounds like a cool game..." What are you talking about there is almost no information on this game. Exept A: Two people working on the game B: Genre: Action C: Title: God Hand or GodHand however the marketers want it This is not enough information to make any judgements about the gameplay experience.

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Yah, the name is a bit silly. But we don't even know what is this game about and everything. So we just wait and see...

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i bet capcom is hoping this gets them some $$$ since they keep falling short.

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Gamespot forgot to mention that Shinji Mikami also directed PN03. A good sign for God Hand?

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If you sell a PS2 game and there are 100 million possible buyers... You are going to make lots of money. If you make a PS3 game and there are only 1 million customers... You are *not* going to make much money by comparison. PS2 will continue to have games for quite some time in my opinion....

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God Hand? Why does that remind me of Killer 7.... ?

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Sounds likea cool game. PS2 is still getting the support, wonder if that has anything to do with PS3 production woes? Or simply due to the fact that PS2 has 20 million worldwide units.

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yes it's bad :(

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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What is GodHand? I shall read about this game.

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Anyone else think the name of this game is bad?

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God Hand? Hmmm, does the game involve a father who finds out which people are actually demons when touches them and kills them in front of his kids? :)

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Sony will support PS2 for a LONG time. Unlike it's competitors who cease production as soon as they have a new product.

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Awesome news. This game will be awesome.

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All I have to say is Mikami + Inaba = sucess.

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ps2 still alive and fightin...xcited bout this game...

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Give me more...

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Are any games slated for the PS3? Or is the PS2 going to live forever?

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Sounds pretty good :)

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Great group of people involved, can't wait to learn more about it and whether it is coming stateside. I'm also very happy that the PS2 is still being supported. Hell, God of War 2 is coming to the PS2, which was a big surprise to hear, this machine still has legs.

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quite the pedigree. bring it over.