E3 06: Bionicle Heroes Preshow Report

Lego Star Wars developers TT Games are going the Lego route again in Bionicle Heroes.


Lego Star Wars 2 may be getting published by LucasArts instead of original publisher Eidos Interactive, but that doesn't mean that developer TT Games is done working with the company. Eidos has announced that it will be publishing the latest game in the Lego Bionicle series, which is in development at TT. Bionicle Heroes will be released on the PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance late this year, and it will be on display at E3 2006.

Bionicle Heroes is based on the popular toy license and features the full range of 2006 toys, such as the Toa, Inika, and Piraka. The console games will be third-person action games, with simple controls and gameplay that is described as "accessible." Evidently the game is based on a similar game design to the original Lego Star Wars. This being a Lego-brand game, you can expect plenty of constructible elements and environments. Twenty-five levels will be included, spread across six elemental zones.

We'll bring you more on Bionicle Heroes soon.

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