E3 06: Atari cooking up Hot Pxl

Paris-based developer zSlide creating 200-minigame PSP compendium for its francophonic counterpart. First screens inside.


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While many publishers are still holding their E3 cards close to their chests, Atari tipped its hand ever so slightly this morning. It announced Hot Pxl, a compendium of minigames for the PSP. The title is being developed by Paris-based indie studio zSlide, and is set for a holiday release in the US.

Hot Pxl follows Djon, a skateboarder, through a loosely structured central storyline. Said storyline will be packed with challenges--in the form of some 200 minigames, which will require "players to draw on their reflexes and 2D gaming prowess," according to Atari. The various obstacles Djon must successfully negotiate will include performing tricks on a BMX bike, stagediving at a punk-rock show, playing an in-game video game, or "just trying to cross a busy digital street."

Atari also said Hot Pxl's minigame library will be able to be updated with downloads via the PSP's wireless Internet functionality.

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