E3 06: Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express Preshow Impressions

Dreamcatcher unveils its upcoming adaptation of Agatha Christie's most famous novel.


Although the Adventure Company put out the somewhat unimpressive Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None game last year, another company revealed its own adaptation of a Christie novel at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. Dreamcatcher Interactive has taken the veil off its adventure game version of Murder on the Orient Express.

Instead of a straight adaptation of the novel, though, Dreamcatcher and developer AWE Games have, as in the case of And Then There Were None (also developed by AWE), created a new character to serve as your method of interaction with the story. Instead of controlling the famous Hercule Poirot directly, you will instead take on the role of Antoinette, who helps the Belgian detective solve the mysterious murder of Mr. Ratchett. In addition to the new character, Dreamcatcher is promising "unique twists-and-turns" to the story, as well as an ending that's different from the one in the novel.

Murder on the Orient Express is currently slated for release in November of 2006.

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