E3 06: Activision's booth is all in

Tony Hawk, James Bond, Quake Wars, Transformers, Call of Duty 2 all make appearances at the number-two publisher's exhibition--next to a massive poker table.


LOS ANGELES--It's not easy being number two, but Activision makes it look easy. The nation's second-biggest third-party publisher had an extensive spread at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, the centerpiece of which mirrored its own corporate lineup. Smack-dab in the middle of the Los Angeles-based publisher's booth was a massive skate ramp. Skaters performed aerial tricks on the ramp to help hype the latest wave of Tony Hawk games, which include Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

Surprisingly, Project 8 was present in the booth only as a trailer playing on several LCD monitors. The only Tony Hawk game that was playable was Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. The game is due out for the Wii, DS, and Game Boy Advance this fall, but only the DS version was on hand, at the bottom of a display made out of unpainted skate decks.

One of Activision's biggest announcements leading up to E3 was the revelation that it was working on Call of Duty 3 for the PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox, and Xbox 360. However, the game was totally absent from the Activision booth, save in the form of a one-sheet poster. The only playable demos for the franchise were two Call of Duty maps that became available via Xbox Live Marketplace today. The maps were playable on the PC as well.

Hey! It's a game that's not here! Can you say
Hey! It's a game that's not here! Can you say "bait and switch?"

The most intimidating display at the Activision booth was a huge futuristic artillery gun modeled after one of the in-game weapons (a Strogg artillery weapon), which towered over a 24-person LAN station for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The PC shooter was the most popular game at the booth, but coming up close behind was World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions. The Xbox 360 stations for the game, which were all equipped with the Xbox Vision camera, were consistently full and surrounded a large table where attendees were playing a real-life Texas hold 'em tournament for prizes. The game was playable on the PC as well.

Rounding out Activision's booth were PS2, Xbox, and GameCube stations for the film tie-in Over the Hedge and a pair of PCs demoing The Movies: Stunts & Effects. The motorcycle Hugh Jackman rides in X3: The Last Stand was on hand to promote the X-Men: The Official Game, due out later this year on the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, DS, GBA, and PC. It was next to a 10-foot-tall replica of Optimus Prime, leader of the good Autobots faction of the TV series The Transformers, which is getting the movie treatment courtesy of director Michael Bay. Activision has the game rights to the film, as well as its newly acquired license to the most profitable film franchise of all time, James Bond. That too was represented, courtesy of a massive "007" sign and an HDTV running Bond film trailers on a loop, even though Activision has not yet announced any games based on the British superspy.

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W00t, go Quake Wars!

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COD3 is going to be good

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Where is PC??whatz the meanin of this SH*Tz ***BuRn Da HeLL***

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They got the rights to James Bond? maybe now we'll have some good game for a change.........

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Nice typo once again gamespot lol. Wasnt it supposed to be call of duty 3? I thought call of duty 2 already was out lol.

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that whole thing sounded pretty exciting.

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I really hope COD 3 for the Wii uses the wii-mote and all its functions and it will not be just a crappy port from the other consoles.

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sorry but no PC not buyin' it

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Give us some footage from the playable Enemy Territory: Quake Wars!

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COD vae victus

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So much for all the talk about the Wii not getting ports of multiplatform games. It looks like Activision will have no problems with it.

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Please, for the love of all that is holy, let this Transformers game be good.

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good games, what about tony hawk for ps2 or ps3??

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RIP Cod. Quake Wars looks really nice.

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Good stuff !

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Another great booth... lots of cool games here.

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Well, I hope COD3 really turns out to be as good as or better then COD2.

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NO COD3 for pc, yay! enough of the WWII genre games already. The Tony Hawk series is really tired, stop making it ATVI. SOF3 really needs to be confirmed!!

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Hope this games are any good

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call of duty is going to every system exept the ds ( the perfect shooter platform)

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COD 3 PS3!!!!!! YAY!!!! Forget about COD 2.

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CoD CoD!!!!!!

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That tony hawks trailer is looking DELICIOUS. After the last disappointment that was american wasteland they have nowhere to go but up!

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good 2 hear.

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Quake Wars and Transformers is what i'm really eager to see from this company.

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Awesome stuff I wonder how the COD3 for the PSP will play out. I hope for the Movies stunts can give it some more depth it needs that. I think that is why it did not sell real well and had to can it for the Xbox and PS2.

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Can't wait for CoD 3!

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some good games