E3 06: Activision acquires James Bond license

[UPDATE] Number-two publisher takes over spy-film-inspired game license after archrival Electronic Arts ends agreement; now holds PC, handheld, and console rights until 2014.


Since the late 1990s, Electronic Arts has held the license to publish games based on the James Bond film franchise. The results have been mixed on the current generation of consoles. One effort, 2004's James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, garnered high praise and sold more than 1.3 million units in the US, according to the NPD group. However, EA's four other Bond games--James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire (2002), James Bond 007: NightFire (2003), GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004), and From Russia With Love (2005)--have seen middling sales and reviews.

In 2003, Electronic Arts announced a deal with film distributor MGM to make James Bond-based games until 2009. The following year, MGM was bought by Sony, which now co-owns the James Bond license with the production company EON.

Now, three years later, EA no longer holds the once-coveted James Bond license. Today, Activision shocked the game industry by announcing that it had struck a deal with MGM and EON to publish James Bond games through 2014. "The James Bond franchise creates tremendous global expansion opportunities for Activision as it is one of the few video game licenses that appeals equally to domestic and international consumers," said Mike Griffith, president and CEO of Activision Publishing.

The deal is extensive and gives Activision "worldwide rights to create video games for all current- and next-generation consoles, PC and handheld platforms" based on the James Bond character. It includes both original games set in the Bond universe and games based on new films, such as the forthcoming Casino Royale. Royale will be the first film to feature Daniel Craig (Layer Cake, Munich) in the role of Agent 007.

[UPDATE] But while the deal is potentially lucrative, it does raise a number of questions. Namely, how did Activision get the license to publisher 007 titles? As it turns out, EA decided it didn't want to make them anymore. "EA has decided to conclude our agreement for the James Bond license," a rep told GameSpot. "The current contract was set to expire in 2009. This was a good relationship with MGM and it produced a lot of great games."

According to EA, the end of the 007 deal is part of the publisher's larger strategy to refocus on all-new games. "While movie games will always be in our portfolio, EA is moving away from licensed properties and committing our resources to wholly-owned IP, created in our own studios," said the rep. "Wholly owned properties allow better financial margins and more creative control to develop the type of games that consumers want."

Requests for comment sent to Activision were not returned as of press time.

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Personally goldeneye was a fantastic shooter, but lacked any real spy work, which in a way was great. I still love goldeneye and love it more than any other James Bond game released, probably because they were all made by EA and we all know how good they are (HAHAHA). I am looking forward to this though, the first NEW movie tie in in what 6 years? ish.

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I enjoyed The World is Not Enough, Everything or Nothing, and From Russia wih Love. Those were the coolest Bond games out there, Everything or Nothing totally topped Goldeneye, although that was also brilliant (by Rare). I hope Activision do well too!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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EA has made pretty good Bond games, but none of them ever appealed to me. Spider-Man 2 by Activision, however, features some of the funnest video game mechanics in a game. I kinda wished Activision put more focus on the content in the missions like development of the enemies, rather than make you go through so many repetitive "fight the nameless thugs" and "save the helpless people scenarios."

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Me too, I just found this out a few days ago lol... But I figured something was up when there was no game made since From Russia With Love. Maybe Activision will do better with the license, they sure did with Spider-Man! Smart move for EA to focus on their own IP's instead of mainly producing licensed games. Licenses rarely lend themselves to great games, and this way EA can have more freedom without the concerns of pleasing movie fans. Not to mention their profit as stated in the article.

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Too bad EA already ran the series into the ground

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damn i thought ea still had this damn was i late

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No! EA makes better games than Activision ever will!

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Oooof, well, I really dunno, I'd rather see the license go to Rare indeed, or maybe Ubisoft :D But that's just my silly idea:P

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Activision makes the worst movie games. Look at their history. If Eon was smart they'd give it back to Rare - who is making games for the XBOX 360. Now that's a good idea.

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Hopeful there do a better than EA did all those years they had to bring it back, and make it a top franchise again.

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Don't forget Wolfenstein. I think Activision is perfect for this. They could make a great bond game, and will hopefully make some good multiplatformed bond games that streatch to Revo, DS, and PC.

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"I can honestly say I like more EA games than Activision games." There NEEDS to be some change. They had 4 chances to get it right... and they all were good for about 3 missions max. As far as activision goes... COD 2, Quake, Doom, SOF, Spidey, X-Men, Tony Hawk... I think they have a good shot at making a good bond game and probably much better than other choices.

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FINALLY, maybe 007 games will be good!

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Am I the only person sad about this? I can honestly say I like more EA games than Activision games

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Yeah, EA does suck. What's funny is that I've been saying this after they butchered Bon on PS1, right after Golden Eye on N64. Finaly, people have caught up with EA dissatisfaction

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Thank Goodness! I hated the last few Bond games. Mabie the next few will be a little more like Goldeneye64......

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wow hopefully the bond games wont be just license-cashins and activision please make them better than what ea redwood-shores or eala did and yeah Goldeneye still rules.

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Activision? OH I remember them! They're still a company? Who knew?

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w00t! EA is teh sUxx0r5!! I can't wait to find out about the next James Bond game that Activision will be making this time.

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This make me very happy maybe the bond games could be actually good now. I mean cmon who actually bought the latest bond game ?

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Good news ea never made a good bong game.

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Great news, EA should have had the license taken from them after they tarnished the Goldeneye legacy with that crap sequel.

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I hope Activision can revive the James Bond franchise. On-line co-op with up to four friends or system link, with seamless acess if a friend drops by and picks up a controller, and as for down-loadable content (via Micro-purchase points), a retro version of Golden Eye multiplayer up to 16 or 24 players, tweaked gloriously by the Xbox 360 capabilities(Not an N64 port) though in its day, just plain awesome!. Now that is a download worth boasting about. I'd pay 1800 micro-purchase point for a download like this. bL4cKaDdEr (Game Lizard)

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! James Bond in slideshow/bad framerate format

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Well let's hope that they do a better job on focusing on the story than EA did. The EA games were fun to play, but had pretty pointless stories.

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this is a big one! from the makers of excellent COD2 and such. finally, bond may be worth playing again...since most people really, ultimately, stopped after goldeneye.

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Great! Maybe now they won't crap over the license like EA did...

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Great, maybe they produce a better 007 game.

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maybe they can make a better game and save this series.

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EA loses a licence??? I'm impressed Activision..

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It's good that Activision has the Bond series now hope that the games will be better not worse.

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yeah, i think ea ruined James Bond after Goldeneye came out, I admit Everything or nothing was great, but all the other ones didn't live up to the name

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I pretty much don't care. There hasn't been a decent james bond since goldeneye on the N64. Which still beats all the james bond games.

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iam gona dream somthing better this time :)

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it now is Sony film distributor of MGM.

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Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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Well, I see two positive things here. First EA finally accepted that its games of James Bond suck. And second they will finally try to be creative.

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This news made my day.

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Let's see if they do a better job then EA.

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hop Activision makes better James Bond games...the franchise needs it

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yay GoldenEye: Rogue Agent 2

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Fine by me. Im tired of EA making lame Bond games. Why cant anyone make another great Bond game like Goldeneye.

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activision, i would prefer ubisoft making my Bond, but then again better than EA

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Jordan Bisasky

EA's taken too many losses from the expensive licenses they have. The same thing that's crumbled Vivendi and Atari. EA really just needs to release Madden and Sims PC games and they'd be in good shape financially.

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Activision really isn't much better than EA IMO, oh well I'll hope for the best.

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Fantastic. They might be good!

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EA being creative!! I like that, Black and Burnout are all they had to this point, and arguably MVP but that series is dormant for a while. I'd love to see new properties without a doubt.

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Heh ... EA wants to make totally in house games... so that they can make all the money for themselves.