E3 06: 2K Games visitors seek Prey

Human Head's shooter, The Da Vinci Code adaptation get featured spots at publisher's booth.


LOS ANGELES--While attendees to 2K Games' Electronic Entertainment Expo booth might have come looking for The Family Guy, BioShock, and other anticipated titles in the publisher's lineup, they would not get the chance to try them out on the show floor. On the other hand, they did get an opportunity to go hands-on with the long-awaited Human Head first-person shooter Prey.

Prey was available to play in several kiosks and was one of only two titles at the publisher's booth with its own dedicated display section. The small-screen adaptation of The Da Vinci Code was the only other 2K property to be given its own segment of the booth, with the rest of the publisher's offerings taking up spots along a long channel of kiosks.

That channel featured a number of first looks at games, with the recently acquired console game Ghost Rider appearing in playable form alongside the new PlayStation Portable Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony, the PC expansion pack Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, and Civilization IV: Warlords. The new 2K7 installments of the company's NBA, NHL, and NCAA licensed games were also on display. Curiously, a portion of the 2K booth was dedicated to already-released titles, like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, MLB 2K6, and Top Spin 2.

And while gamers did not get a chance to try out the upcoming game based on The Darkness, they were given the chance to stand in line for an autograph signing with some of the talent behind the Top Cow comic, Marc Silvestri and Paul Jenkins.

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is prey not coming 2 ps3 den cuz i heard it woz nd is bioshock not coming 2 ps3 eitha!!??? if not im annoyed dey both luked gd!!

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Prey is meager,its a bit better than Q4 witch is a 4 Prey could have been great but its only a 5 at best a 6. If BIoshock is no longer to be released on the PS3 then why is the PS3 area for it here still up? 0_o

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prey looks bad

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Prey is going to fry our minds. In a good way.

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Indeed! Looking out for Prey, as well. I'm cutting on FPS's, don't want to get myself hooked in one genre, but this one is a one to get.

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Prey will be fully optimized and without graphical bugs by its time of release. As xbx4ever stated 'Quake game was rushed'. I kid you not Prey will truly be a great game, story sounds interesting and compelling also full of tricks and surprises.

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The Quake game was rushed, Prey will be optimized and I'm sure it will be among the best FPS's titles released this year!

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Awwwww... nothing on The Darkness? Not even a trailer?

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they simply rushed the release of quake 4 for launch and didnt optimise the frame rate enough... that kind of stuff always happens to some launch games.

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yea this game looks pretty sweet but not as much as gears of war

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imprezawrx500 The problem with prey on x360 is run on the same engine as q4 which the 360 doesn't like, so prey will quite likely hav the smae frame rate problems. The 360 does not have a problem with the quake 4 engine... the developers do... if they do it right as I am sure they will, it will turn out great. They have yet to tap into the potential of the 360. No game to date has used more than 40% of the total system potential! PREY... Can't wait.

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yeah they moddified it so the engine runs/uses direct3D instead of openGL

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is using a altered one IMPREZAWRC500

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The problem with prey on x360 is run on the same engine as q4 which the 360 doesn't like, so prey will quite likely hav the smae frame rate problems.

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Prey looks awesome... can't wait to play that.

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I hope you are not joking that game looks real awesome.

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sure u do

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I think so too.

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Prey on 360 is gonna be awesome