E3 06: 2K Games possesses Ghost Rider

Publisher confirms itself as the mystery buyer of the game based on Marvel's Spirit of Vengeance.


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Last December, Majesco announced that it had sold off the rights to two comic-book-based games it had been working on to an unnamed publisher for $8 million. In March, 2K Games stepped forward as the purchaser of The Darkness, immediately leading to questions about whether it had also picked up Ghost Rider. At the time, a 2K Games rep told GameSpot, "We have only announced Darkness. Anything else is just speculation."

That speculation proved accurate today, as 2K Games announced that it will indeed publish the Ghost Rider game that takes its cues from both the upcoming Nicholas Cage film and the Marvel comic book series. The game is being developed "for console and handheld systems" and will arrive alongside the film in February 2007. Majesco had previously planned to release the game this year for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.

Climax Group is still developing the game. No rating or pricing information has yet been announced.

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