E For All detailed

Organizer of this year's open-to-the-public event, as well as E3 Media Festival, lays down ticket prices, explains different approaches to each show.


Earlier today, the E For All Expo announced that Nintendo would be its flagship exhibitor, putting one of the first pieces of the puzzle together for gamers wondering what to expect from the inaugural show.

Executive vice president of IDG World Expo Mary Dolaher is organizing the E For All Expo and divulged a few more details about the open-to-the-public show to GameSpot earlier today. Dolaher has plenty of experience to draw on in coordinating E For All, having worked on the Electronic Entertainment Expo since its inception.

First and foremost, Dolaher revealed ticket prices for the show, which runs October 18-21 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, former home of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Single-day passes for Thursday and Friday will cost gamers $50 each, while admission on Saturday or Sunday will run $75. A full pass for all four days will also be available for $110. Dolaher said there might be a number of different promotions that could change the final price for customers.

As for what gamers can expect once they're through the front doors, Dolaher said attendees will get a chance to try out the big-name holiday releases in a finished state, participate in tournaments, and even add games to their collection from retailers in Kentia Hall. It obviously won't be just Nintendo at the show either. Dolaher said she has contracts underway with a number of Entertainment Software Association members, but doesn't want to name names until details are finalized.

IDG isn't looking to re-create E3 with the event, however. While there may be some news coming from the event, Dolaher said the press conferences, keynote addresses, and big announcements that have marked previous E3s won't be present at E For All. The show floor will also be more interactive, with less of a focus on elaborate, attention-getting booths.

"When you look at a trade-only event like E3, you might have a booth that was constructed for $10 million because it was primarily focused on investors, retailers, and media," said Dolaher. "One of my first years at E3, we had consumers that were trying to tear the signs off an exhibit booth because they wanted the logo so badly. You really need to control what you design and it has to be about the product. It's not about whether you have laser light shows going on."

One thing that looks to recall previous E3 shows is the amount of local promotion surrounding the event. Dolaher said that the group is "overtaking" the city with subway ads, bus ads, and more.

"Anyone and everyone in Los Angeles will know that this show is occurring the week that we are there," Dolaher said.

Finally, Dolaher said the reaction to E For All has already been so positive that she is limiting the amount of space exhibitors can purchase in order to squeeze more of them into the convention center. That has Dolaher thinking about plans for E For All 2008, and she also said a number of companies have expressed an interest in bringing the show to Asia and Europe.

General admission tickets for the inaugural E For All are expected to go on sale in June, with an announcement on advance ticket sales arriving in the coming months. For more information, check out the event's official Web site.

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Avatar image for simon16_1990

why r all the god damn game events so bloody far a god damn way!!!! why cant there be 1 in the UK

Avatar image for mega324386

Could in a few years turn into the rebirth of E3 when more gaming companies become more involved.

Avatar image for Razzi65

we want a seperate gaming event...only for games..we want E3 back..

Avatar image for Lumenadducere

There's a chance I might go to this, but I don't know yet - I really want to see what else there'll be. I mean, yeah, it'd be nice to get to play the games early, but if that's the focus of the show then I may not go. Now, if the retailers are selling some of the games early or something similar, that'd get me interested...

Avatar image for rmlduelest

honestly it would be better(not to mention cheaper) to buy a 4 day pass honestly because if you add up the 4 one day passes then that's $200+room and flight the 2 day passes are $150+room and flight so i would pay the $110+room and flight and get in on all 4 days(if i can scrounge up enough money lol)

Avatar image for minos30

N for Noobs... Nothing like e3. Still gonna be more interested in E3... And gamespot will be able to cover much better the new E3 format even though it isn't as flashy.

Avatar image for MK24ever

I want the old E3 back, this one has no karma, we want huge announcements from game developers and Consoles makers, I'm from Europe, why sould I care this e for all thing... bahh they messed all up.

Avatar image for downPlayDemon

i think there should be one of these in a bunch of major cities all over the world on a quarterly basis. This brings back the Arcade era

Avatar image for xtremeg4m3r

The show must only be in America.

Avatar image for swhite77

A tour is a good idea. And they can give the frightened FL retirees Cooking Mama and DSs.

Avatar image for flashtek

Its nice to have an expo for gamers and not just the "select few". But they really should tour the expo to different cities. I know that Detroit would fill the venue.

Avatar image for AgileNate

The old E3 is forgetting the gamers make video gaming possible and by not letting them view the games themselves will hurt some good opinions towards a game as they cant be experienced by the people wanting to know about the new games. I hope the E for all thing goes good while the old E3 fails in their new attempt.

Avatar image for N15PCA

So I though the reason why E3 is no more was the fact that they only wanted people in the video game world has far has company execs and relaters of major store like wall-mart to be their and now you can buy tickets for this E for all. Why didn't they say the reason why they killed E3 and put E for all in it's place was for the money and had nothing to do what the fans being their. If it was only about the money, why didn't their just keep E3 the way it was and charge tickets for it. What a much of bull.

Avatar image for stefan42

'e for all'? of all the name suggestions im sure they came up with, they went with the most lame...

Avatar image for MadGamer132

hey, at least the "new" e3 will be good, the e for all expo will be much better.

Avatar image for theflyinfur

It's on the west coast because thats where people are willing to spend ungodly amounts of money without flinching. And it doesn't happen down here in FL cause the influx of awesome would disturb all of the retirees. And no one likes cranky old people.

Avatar image for swhite77

So, why must these types of events always happen on the West Coast? We game out here on the East Coast, too! Plane tix from FL to LA + admission = not going for me. There are other parts of the US besides CA, you know. I'm good enough to run into the burning buildings to save their a$$es, but firefighter's salary isn't good enough to get me to the party. Oh well, hope those who can attend have fun!

Avatar image for Vistaer

Sorry. Thats 2 days after GTA:IV's release. My life will be focused on that :P

Avatar image for Rumstocker

i want press conferences

Avatar image for Miracle_Air

Don't care, don't wanna go, bring back E3. It's as simple as that. Give us back E3. E for All sucked as soon as the name was made, EFA has made a bad decision and this entire thing is going to bomb. Give us back E3. I like the fact that I can't go to it because that makes my dedication to the gaming industry even greater. And then when the journalists from G4, Gamespot, IGN and the like provide me with the content, I feel like I'm almost there. That's good enough for me.

Avatar image for stfolife

yay glad i live in LA

Avatar image for Dryker

Early consumer adopters of this show must be expecting an E3, because I can't yet see any reason to get excited about this. Besides Nintendo being their "Flagship Exhibitor", they haven't confirmed on any other companies being involved. Selling games? Sounds more like a Huge retail convention to me. I'm not convinced. I need way more info before I even consider attending this. E3 was always a dream and now it's gone... this sounds like anything but E3.

Avatar image for neo16161616

I want to go but I dont have the money to fly to L.A. Anyone wanna sponsor me?

Avatar image for edgarchong

I'm ready to go!!!

Avatar image for andrewglesener

Does E for all mean there are going to be screaming little kids running around? To Raz: Its in CA cause' thats where I live.

Avatar image for southy787

Looks interesting.

Avatar image for RazMasters

"WHY are they always in california?" That's where the vast majority of the gaming companies are located. If they're not here, they're in Washington, which is nearby.

Avatar image for Korubi

I'll be there. Just wish E3 was still going on. I know this show won't be nearly as cool. Ah well, at least I got to go to E3 the last three years it was open to the sort-of public.

Avatar image for godoftheds

WHY are they always in california?

Avatar image for gameoholic77

I plan on checking it out.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

It doesn't sound as nearly as exciting as E3..

Avatar image for mpeg3s

Yeah, no food, drinks, or parking. E for All will cost of the Wii. Sad that it will NOT be an E3 event. I'll pass this year and see what the comments look like.

Avatar image for Paulioiscool1

SaitouZero you make some good points, and this E For All thing is starting to look a little lame. There's really not anything special about it, unlike E3. I do hope they bring back the old E3 some day.

Avatar image for undox

110 dollars? Man, that is a lot of money. I can attend six other conventions for the same money.

Avatar image for Stick32

Blackace people like you are the exact reason they had to change E3...

Avatar image for blackace

$110?!? I used to get into E3 for FREE. lol!! I don't think this will be anything like the E3. There won't be any booth babes. They won't have huge elaborate booths. There will be kids everywhere running around looking for mommy and daddy. I don't think it'll be 18yr and older. Maybe 18yr and older without a parent, but Dad & Mom will be bringing their kids to this show. There won't be as much free stuff and waiting in line to try a certain game will be worse then the E3. I doubt all the big name Japanese developers will be there. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Activsion & EA are a given. Companies like Ubi, Capcom, Konami, SquareEnix, Namco, etc.. may end up being a no show. We'll wait and see. I have no plans on going to this. The E3 was a crazy event and this "E for All" will be even worse with no limit on who can get in. I'll just read about it here on Gamespot.

Avatar image for ufopuller

Quite a way to go for many. Hefty 4-day price tag too. Still lots will flood to the event

Avatar image for Kravyn81

They should really think about hosting these types of events in different cities every year. I'm sick of every thing always happening in L.A. Not everyone lives there or has the luxury of just taking off for four days to visit. Not all gamers live in L.A. but would like to attend these events at least ONCE in their lifetime. They need to spread the love. It should be feasible since they're not trying to replicate E3 at all, so therefore the venue is quite small compared to what E3 was.

Avatar image for motang

Hmm...interesting I am going to try to attend this one.

Avatar image for OhhSnap50893

$110? That's not bad. Too bad I live on the other side of America.

Avatar image for JLCrogue

I'm going to this event every year! :D

Avatar image for zsc4

Nice, when more detail is announced were this tour will be heading then I might consider it.

Avatar image for GKBeetle

Pepperpop10 It sounds like fun, but why is it the week that GTA IV comes out? Seriously. I'm pretty sure lots of people will be playing that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTA IV will still be around after the show. You can get it afterwards. It's not like people will not be able to leave their house to go to this show because they are playing GTA IV. And if there are people like that, they seriously have a problem. I won't be going because I live nowhere near California, and this will be in the middle of classes, but if I lived in Los Angeles, I would already have this weekend booked.

Avatar image for Rect_Pola

An E For All Tour... I like the sound of that.

Avatar image for GBur70

Glad to see a show for gamers.

Avatar image for xatman911

They better bring to UK... please.

Avatar image for RetroGameFanCom

I'm There.

Avatar image for cypher50

"E For All"? Alright, glow sticks and girls dancing to rave music, this show will kick a-- ! *reads article* Oh, nevermind.

Avatar image for lumpydonut

$110 is a pretty big sum of money just to go to a show for a few days but then look at your local State Fair. Rides cost bookoos and the stuff you buy there will usually and fairly easily add up to more than $110. And it might just be me but I would much rather stay inside a nice big room filled with video games instead of watching a bunch of little kids run around like the fair is the best place in the world.

Avatar image for Quadster

Expensive?? you gotta be kidding me, for UK Gamers, that works out, after you convert USD to GBP, at about £14 a day, 4 days is £56, and if you're badly wanting to see events over 4 days, then £14 a day is actually a great price for an event held once a year or so

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