Dynasty Warriors to conquer GBA

Koei's popular hack-and-slash series set will hit stores on March 24 in Japan.


TOKYO--Koei revealed today that it will release Shin Sangoku Musou Advance for the Game Boy Advance on March 24 in Japan. In America, the Shin Sangoku Musou series is known as Dynasty Warriors.

From what we know so far, Shin Sangoku Musou Advance will be a bit different from its PlayStation 2 counterpart. One of the major changes is that this time the game will feature 2D graphics. In Shin Sangoku Musou Advance, you will move through a total of 24 field-map stages, and when you encounter an enemy, the screen switches to a battle scene where you can beat the thug that comes at you. Sangoku Musou Advance features more than 180 battle-scene areas, so you won’t get bored slugging away at your enemies. Of course, the game also features more than 200 various weapons that you can collect, and it lets you build your character by racking up experience points.

There will be four gaming modes in Shin Sangoku Musou Advance: Musou mode, where you beat the stages as one of three major powers; free mode, where you can play again through any of the stages you’ve beaten in the past; challenge mode, where you can play one of three featured minigames to try for a new record; and collection viewing mode, where you can check the items and weapons you’ve picked up.

Koei also announced that it has formed an alliance with Nintendo to publish Shin Sangaoku Musou Advance. The two companies hope to join hands to promote and distribute the game.

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