Dynasty Warriors Next set for PS Vita launch

Long-running tactical action series from Tecmo Koei will arrive in time for February 22 debut of Sony's new handheld.


The list of PlayStation Vita games available for the system's North American launch got a little longer today, as Tecmo Koei confirmed Dynasty Warriors Next will arrive in stores for the hardware's February 22 debut.

Think of it as a tap-and-slash.
Think of it as a tap-and-slash.

Dynasty Warriors Next is set to utilize a number of the PS Vita's hardware features, including the touch screen, back touch panel, and motion sensors. The game will feature a cast of more than 65 playable heroes, and character customization also returns in this release. In multiplayer, Conquest mode will be playable over Wi-Fi and 3G, and the new Coalition mode will support up to four players locally.

The game is being developed by Omega Force, the studio responsible for all of the main installments in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, as well as numerous spin-offs. For more on Dynasty Warriors Next, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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