Dynasty Warriors: Gundam coming to US

Namco Bandai and Koei confirm a late summer North American release and an Xbox 360 version for their PlayStation 3 crossover game.


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Crossover games have tended to pit the characters of one popular property against those of another (Capcom vs. SNK, Alien Versus Predator), but that battle would be horribly lopsided in the case of Gundam and Dynasty Warriors. So, instead of a no-holds-barred battle for brand superiority, the merger of Namco Bandai's space-faring Gundam Mobile Suits and Koei's Dynasty Warriors historical action game set in ancient China takes the key components of each and combines them into one game.

The result, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, brings the futuristic artillery of Namco Bandai's sci-fi series and drops it into the swarming combat of Koei's action series. While the game was previously released for the PlayStation 3 in Japan, the companies today confirmed that it would be arriving for North American audiences on the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360 late this summer.

The game is developed by Koei's Omega Force studio, the team behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise, as well as its Samurai Warriors spin-off. As in the studio's previous titles, players will be able to become key characters on both sides of the storyline and experience battles and plotlines from their own unique perspectives. The game will also include unlockable Mobile Suits from different Gundam timelines and multiple game modes.

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