Dynasty Warriors DS gets named, dated

Koei's historical slugfest series goes portable with Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle; game comes to US this July.


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Since 1997, Koei has been dishing out new installments of its Dynasty Warriors series almost faster than gamers can complete them. The first proper DS Dynasty Warriors game made its debut in Japan earlier this month and is gearing up to do some hacking and slashing in the US.

Go fish!
Go fish!

The American arm of Koei has revealed that Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle (known as Shin Sangoku Musou DS: Fighter's Battle in Japan) will be released in North America this July.

Fighter's Battle will allow gamers to play as one of three characters--the Phoenix, the Dragon, or the Chimera. The action is card-battle based, with players stacking their decks with cards that feature characters from the Dynasty Warriors games.

Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older. For more information, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for criminalowen

At seeing this I am feeling slightly ill..... Dynasty Warriors 6 on PS3 does look like they have made some good changes though

Avatar image for monkeytoes61

cards? strike dynasty warriors ds from my "to get" list

Avatar image for Unkillable

Oh boy, this can't be good....

Avatar image for anarchicgoth

yeah we need a HUGE dose of creativity STAT!

Avatar image for rokkuman09

Oh wow. Koei needs to give up on the Dynasty Warriors series, there isn't much money to be made of it anymore. People just stop paying attention to a series when it starts becoming rehash, after rehash.. Though this does look different I doubt it's quality. Koei seems to be very lazy group of developers, to say the least.

Avatar image for legs1986

Was excited until I read card based =/

Avatar image for Hellisunreal

ohh well...............

Avatar image for branketra

Card-based? It seems that companies who just want to keep milking the consumers are going to card games now. Capcom's Street Fighter.....for example...

Avatar image for Enigma2K99

Sounds like you guys aren't fans of beatemups... and while I admit they are rather repetitive, as a fan of the genre, let me just say.... ...WHAT OTHER OPTIONS DO WE HAVE?!?!? WE'VE ALREADY FINISHED GOD HAND!!!

Avatar image for blacktorn

Oh no not another DW game :(

Avatar image for sun_spirit

Looks like thats 'really' going to sell well...

Avatar image for XE_X-ECUTIONER

CARD BATTLE!?!?!? WTF! seriously. bring out a real game for the DS like CSS or halo or sumthing people acctually like and want to play.

Avatar image for Kolt-Python

Just FYI guys, the cards determine who defends your bases and what bonuses you receive. The hack and slash is still there. GameSpot's info isn't accurate.

Avatar image for TorugotoShinsan

Yet another DW game. KOEI are probably the most arrogant and moronic games publisher out there. The DS would have been ideal for a Romance of the Three Kingdoms game yet they insist on shoving this junk down out throats and expect us to buy it.

Avatar image for Lord_Daemon

Being a long time DW/SW fan I was interested to see how it would fare on the DS until I read the words "card battle". No thanks Koei.

Avatar image for Doolum

the first Dynasty Warriors game i ever played on the PSP was certainly a nasty one.I never liked the game.:(hope the DS gets a better one.

Avatar image for thewesman

As long as it has that Rockin' Guitar theme, it could be a kitten with swords and I'd play it!!!

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Avatar image for Guitargamer1

Well this sucks. All I want to know about is Dynasty Warriors for PS3. If they could have a dynasty warriors with PS3 graphics than I wouldnt care if they changed up the gameplay so lets get that going plz.

Avatar image for zac41

Dynasty Warriors are garbage games anyways

Avatar image for ArabSolja99

WTF... wow, ok, i love dw, but now, card games?!? The world is going down... hopefully Koei will change their mind and fix this up, or else NO ONE will buy this game. Mark my words Koei, NO ONE

Avatar image for decoy1978

I do agree that DW should be a hacknslash and not a card game. Aside from Yugi-Oh, that should be the only card game out.

Avatar image for Nintendo500

I thought this game was supose to be a better d warriors advance what happened? Now Samurai Warriors is a good franchise

Avatar image for tigerfan1993

Wow.... why must games be losing themselves to card-based battle! WHY!?!?!?!?!?!

Avatar image for Mudvayne43

It shoulda been a REAL action game, NOT A CARD GAME!!!

Avatar image for Somini

Koei is worse than EA with their Dynasty Warriors franchise. DW is almost to crappy to be talking about, it's like Voldemort in Harry Potter, the one whos name is never spoken of.

Avatar image for bloodychimp

Does anyone actually play these any more?

Avatar image for kirbyfanatic

im not getting it

Avatar image for enoslives7

I am huge !!!!

Avatar image for Cantius

Hmph,let's see how this turns out. though I wanted an extended version of the Dynasty Warriors Advance game for the DS.

Avatar image for the-very-best

This was announced like 2 years ago and all they came up with was a card battle game? Jeez Koei, what's going on? DW used to be so good.

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Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

Another crap Dynasty Warriors game? They suck.

Avatar image for waitaseck

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for japanesegoth

yes!!! i can never get enough card battle games! *walks away*

Avatar image for blueflamedino

paullywo, you are generous with that score if thats out of a hundred or less, but seriously, its wong to judge a game by its series or past, but I do it any way

Avatar image for Proman84

'Fighter's Battle', huh? I wonder how long it took them to come up with this firecrracker.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

I prefer quality over quantity...They need to see that a lot of other gamers would prefer the same.

Avatar image for deactivated-57af49c27f4e8

1.0, anyone?

Avatar image for blueflamedino

Huh, ths one is actually different, they finally discovered the key to success of milking a series is not only giving more of the same but trying new things, still looks bad though

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

WTF? Card-battles?

Avatar image for Kolt-Python

Despite all the negative reaction for the series, I still enjoy it even though you do pretty much the same thing everytime.

Avatar image for apwc

What's with all the card battlers on the DS? They're not fun.

Avatar image for XxDaRkNiNjAxX


Avatar image for Alaris83

Dynasty Warriors the card game? Sounds about as exciting as an enema.

Avatar image for Shtinky

just what the world needs - another dynasty warriors game.

Avatar image for Dark_Link142

Hmm. Seems to be trying to add some depth with this card system. And it's cool that the first online DW games is on DS. Also seems kinda lame too. But gotta play it to criticize.

Avatar image for kinglink

Interesting. In that the PSP games were so crap a DW game on the DS would suck too. But card battle I might check out. I love the Musou series on the consoles (Samurai warrior 1 is a personal favorite if it wasn't for auto leveling enemies) but still handheld? probably not.

Avatar image for powerframe8

yes. cuz turning a half-ass beatem up into card battle game will make it so much better

Avatar image for hiphops_savior

i hope that this ain't just another product by koei to cash in on a dying franchise

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