Dynasty Warriors And Other Koei Tecmo Characters Revealed In New Warriors All-Stars Trailer

Many eras, new game mechanics, one all-out battle.

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Now Playing: Warriors All-Stars - Tamaki Clan Trailer

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Warriors All-Stars will be a celebration of the world of its publisher, Koei Tecmo, when it comes out on PC and PlayStation 4 this summer. In the new trailer above, you can get a look at the Tamaki Clan, which brings together characters from Dynasty Warriors, Toukiden, Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Book, and Opoona.

"Summoned from a diverse range of worlds and time periods to save a mysterious land…the champions of Warriors All-Stars find themselves in the middle of a clash for control. When a magical power source dries up after the king’s passing, Princess Tamaki performs a ritual to summon saviors in times of dire need," said Koei Tecmo about the upcoming game's plot.

Other characters, yet to be announced, will be summoned by Tamaki's rivals Setsuna and Shiki. The three separate groups will have to battle for dominance of the kingdom.

Players will engage in Key Battles and take on Free Scanarios, where they can access their clan's roster of warriors and craft their team. Koei Tecmo says your choices with those chatacters will affect how the game's story unfolds and how it ends.

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There is also a new Bond system, which allows you to improve the relationships between your characters by having them fight alongside each other and spend time together in the barracks. By achieving a closer bond between them, you'll unlock stronger abilities on the battlefield.

Warriors All-Stars is out August 29. Follow our coverage here to get a look at the next clan of characters as soon as it's released, and check out the latest details on Dynasty Warriors 9, an open-world adaptation of the series now in development for PS4.

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Great cant for it on ps4. Hope there is 2 player co op. these games is best played together.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

this seems interesting.....I hope they pull it off and it's not just sh**t or not dubbed at all.....

the 2 main things for me that bring these games down is 1 not having an English dub, it makes doing the missions a bitch cus you have to friggin read sh***t while you're trying to do stuff on your end and can't just hear the alert, finish what you're doing and aid the ally in trouble or whatever in due time......

2 the games just being rushed, derivative or otherwise not good.....

otherwise I totally dig what the DW games are about in principle.....

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@darthrevenx: Any time you hear a guy talking in Japanese, just pause and glance at the battle log. It'll tell you if he said there was something important to do.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@NaturallyEvil: you fail to see my issue, it's convenience......I should not have to look at the log every 2 goddamn seconds just to see what I missed......FFS is that so hard to understand???? simple quality of life issues most Japanese devs fail to do....and they wonder why nobody plays their games....

I realize that unless it's friggin resident evil or some massive fracking IP nobody does dubs anymore......it's the same with anime, I pay good money for the discs why not do dubs?? and at their outrageous prices it's fracking highway robbery which is why I only buy the movies and rarely do the shows.....just for half a damn season of a Gundam run it'd be around $100 and probably no dub track.....highway robbery I say.....you still don't see an issue???

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@darthrevenx: I get it, I just don't think it matters so much in a Musou game. If I'm aiming for pure ease and convenience, I just run toward whatever is marked on the map next.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@NaturallyEvil: well things happen so fast, there's always like 10 things happening and alerts going off every 2 seconds so I need to know what's up, what's critical or not cus I've lost battles that way....not knowing an alert was critical to wining, losing a needed general yet had they dubbed English in i would have been informed.......

Avatar image for NaturallyEvil

What's new about the bond system? It sounds exactly like the old bond system.

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I see Ayane!

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