Dynasty Warriors 4 PC E3 2005 First Look

Koei announces an American version of its PC port of Dynasty Warriors.


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Koei recently sent along a list of games that it will be showcasing at E3, and on the list was a curious entry: Dynasty Warrior 4 PC, presumably a PC port of the long-running Dynasty Warrior series. While KOEI did previously announce a PC version of Dynasty Warriors, formerly known only by its Japanese name of "Sengoku Musou BB," we can't confirm whether Dynasty Warriors 4 PC is actually the American version of that game or something different. We don't have much to report on the game at this point, having only four screenshots in our possession. Sengoku Musou is listed as having multiplayer support for up to 64 players; we'll try to confirm any kind of multiplayer support for Dynasty Warriors 4 PC as those details become available.

The screenshots we have frankly don't look all that impressive or, alternately, look rather like you'd expect a port of a PS2 game to look. Whether the game looks better in motion is an open question. We'll try to report back on this new development as we find out more from Koei.

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