Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends details

Koei releases information on its next Dynasty Warriors game for the PS2. New screens inside.


Koei has today released gameplay information on Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends, the next game in its popular series of action games based on the Three Kingdoms novel. The game isn't really a sequel--it's an enhanced and remixed version of Dynasty Warriors 3, which was released for the PS2 in November last year and for thePS2 just a few months ago.

In the game, players can choose to fight on the side of any of the three warring factions, assuming the role of one of seven different legendary generals who were present in Dynasty Warriors 3 only as hidden characters. When on the battlefield, each general is accompanied by bodyguards who, in previous games, took the form of relatively generic infantry units. In the new version of the game, players will be able to select playable characters to accompany them as bodyguards, allowing characters to combine their special musou attacks with devastating consequences. More detailed orders will also be available for the player to issue to their bodyguards, although exact details on these have not yet been made available to us.

Other improvements in Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends will include new scenarios and objectives, four new challenge modes, unlockable fifth weapons for each character, and a new "very hard" difficulty level. Fans of the series will also be interested to know that the game is compatible with Dynasty Warriors 3, allowing the original to be played with the advantage of the new features.

Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends is scheduled for release in North America in January 2003 and is already available in Japan, where it has sold in excess of 700,000 copies since August. For more information, check out our PS2 of the game.

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