Dynasty Tactics 2 ships

Koei announces that its latest turn-based strategy game is now available in stores across North America.


Dynasty Tactics 2

Koei has today announced the North American release of Dynasty Tactics 2. The turn-based strategy game, which draws inspiration from the novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, focuses on epic battles between large armies and features a number of single-player campaigns in which players assume the roles of various warlords. Dynasty Tactics 2 boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor, not the least of which is the introduction of a new tactical chain combo system.

"With Dynasty Tactics 2's new tactical chain system, gamers will have an almost unlimited number of war strategies at their disposal," said Amos Ip, vice president of sales and marketing for Koei. "Players can combine attacks with allied officers using the combo and linking systems, but with the new tactical chain system, a single military unit can launch an awesome offensive employing a series of over 10 attacks in a single turn."

For more information on Dynasty Tactics 2, which features two-player support in addition to the single-player campaigns, check out our full review of the game.

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