Dynamix Departures

Several Tribes 2 team members have left the company to join GarageGames.


A number of Dynamix employees have left the company to join GarageGames, an internet-based game publisher. Jeff Tunnell, the original founder of Dynamix, co-founded GarageGames with Dynamix senior engineers Rick Overman and Tim Gift. In a final .plan update, Gift mentioned that, although he had been involved in the development of Tribes 2, the game's development is still "in good hands" and probably won't suffer any serious delays as a result of his departure.

According to the founders, GarageGames is intended to be a purely internet-based publisher that will provide developers with both a label and with development tools and advice. The company will focus its efforts on independent game developers and their projects. Said Tunnell, "Our mission is to provide independent developers with tools, education, distribution, financial incentives - whatever they need - to make great games." According to Tunnell, GarageGames will provide "a viable, separate distribution channel to showcase new, experimental, and potentially revolutionary titles and talent."

Tribes 2 is scheduled for release this October.

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