Dying Light's Battle Royale-Style Mode, Bad Blood, Now Available On PC

The "brutal royale game" is now available on PC.


Dying Light's battle royale-style mode, Bad Blood, is now available on PC. The standalone "brutal royale" game, as developer Techland bills it, has launched on Steam Early Access, and you can jump in now by purchasing the $20 Founder's Pack.

Along with access to the game, the Founder's Pack includes a handful of exclusive content, such as three Legendary weapon skins, one Legendary mask, and 1,000 Blood Bucks--Bad Blood's in-game currency. The pack also comes with the Founder's Pass, which will grant players three exclusive Legendary skins over the next three months.

Unlike a typical battle royale game, Dying Light: Bad Blood incorporates PvP and PvE elements into the series' brand of survival horror. The game drops 12 players into a city swarming with zombies. You'll need to go about the map scavenging for weapons, eliminating other players, destroying zombie hives, and using Dying Light's signature fast-paced parkour tricks to survive.

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On top of gathering weapons and other resources, you'll also need to collect blood samples from the infected. These are the most vital items to acquire, as they're tied to Bad Blood's victory condition. You'll need to gather enough samples to secure a seat on the evac chopper and safely evacuate the map. However, only one player will be able to board the helicopter, so you'll need to race against all the other players to be the first to collect samples and escape.

Techland hasn't announced a full release date for Dying Light: Bad Blood, but the game is coming to PC and consoles. The developer says the game will transition to free-to-play when it leaves Early Access. For more footage of the game, check out our hands-on session with it at Gamescom last month.

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