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Dying Light Is Still Poking Fun at Destiny's Red Bull-Exclusive Quest

"Drink for DLC."


Earlier this summer, Dying Light developer Techland launched a DLC campaign that poked fun at Destiny's partnership with Red Bull that makes one quest exclusive to people who buy the energy drink.

Dying Light's promo was called "Drink for DLC" (zing!), calling on players to drink water as a lighthearted jab at Destiny. Techland even released a funny poster that mocked Destiny's Red Bull campaign.

Now, the rewards for Dying Light's Drink for DLC campaign have been revealed. They are, according to this post on Twitter, a new quest called Fountain of Youth and a blueprint for water balloons. "Make groups of enemies super vulnerable to electricity," Techland says.

In case you've forgotten, here are the two posters.

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It's not the first time Dying Light has referenced Destiny. The zombie game also has a Destiny-like "loot cave."

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