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Dying Light Dev Makes Fun of Destiny's Red Bull-Exclusive Quest

Water's probably healthier than Red Bull.


This morning, Destiny publisher Activision announced a new deal with Red Bull, making a quest in the upcoming Taken King expansion exclusive to people who buy specific cans of the drink. Now, Dying Light developer Techland has responded with a satire of the Destiny ad.

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The developer wrote on Twitter, "We're jumping on the latest trend in game marketing!" This caption is accompanied by a picture imitating the Destiny advertisement from the Red Bull site. Techland's picture encourages players to drink water, proclaiming water is "delicious and great for your health," a clear shot at the energy drink. The picture also states that if you take a picture while drinking water and tag it with the hashtag "DrinkRightDyingLight," you'll get a code for premium weapons.

You can see the original Destiny ad below.

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Destiny: The Taken King's quest will be unlocked by codes on specially marked cans of Red Bull. These cans are available during July in 7-11 stores. The expansion launches in September.

Dying Light launched back in January, and since then has accumulated several million unique users. Recently, the CEO of Techland remarked that the developer is currently discussing future expansions to the game.

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