Dying Light Dev Announces Plans For Official PC Mod Tools

Polish developer Techland reveals "free and extensive" mod tools for open-world zombie game will be available soon.

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After clearing up some reports about PC mod tools earlier this week, Dying Light developer Techland on Friday announced plans to release free modding tools to gamers.

In a release, Techland acknowledged that some players are already making mods, and explained, "We want to see more!" Being a sandbox open-world game, Dying Light is a good match for modding, Techland added.

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That's why Techland has now announced plans to release "free and extensive" modding tools for Dying Light, and the studio is looking for feedback regarding what players want to see.

Head to the game's forums here to join in the conversation.

Techland has long been a serious supporter of modding, with the developer's previous franchises such as Call of Juarez and Dead Island boasting a healthy modding community. Techland hopes to carry this forward with Dying Light.

"This invitation is only the first stage of our cooperation with the gaming community," the developer said. "After the modding tools are released, we plan to actively support the coolest mods created by players."

"We want to give creative freedom to the players to help keep Dying Light fresh and interesting even many years after their release. We want to thank players for the support they have shown us and are looking forward to their ideas where Dying Light can go from here."

Earlier this week, reports emerged that Dying Light was blocking fan-made mods. However, this turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Dying Light was released last week for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It has already netted more than 1.2 million players across all platforms. For more on Dying Light, check out GameSpot's review.

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How about before mods you release a patch to make the game more playable on PC.

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Good for bored PC gamers who are stuck with glitchy messes (DayZ) and games that'll never release this decade (Star Citizen and HL3). Go master race...woo.

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Nice. Modding seems like almost demonized sometimes in the industry nowadays, like it's piracy or something :).

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It's not that, modding is like a poor kid making his own toys with used household items and garbage.

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The downside with playing this on console...

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

Downside? Console gamers don't need to mod, they get new games and DLC on a regular basis. But you PC gamers keep modding Skyrim to death to make it look like GTAV or something..

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<< LINK REMOVED >> What does new games have to do with modding? There are many games that get funny mods. Left 4 Dead is one good example. So many custom maps, game-modes and other stuff that you wont get if you only play it on console.

Dying Light will probably get some super-fun stuff on PC. That I wont be able to participate in because I only have the PS4 version. You missed the point of my comment.

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I cant wait to pick this up next year!

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It's nice that Techland supports modding. I wish more companies would do so.

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Absolutely 0 reasons Advanced Warfare got a higher score than this.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Fanboys... Sellouts... There's lots of reasons.

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As far as FPS games go, this is one of the better ones to come out of late.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> agreed

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I think mods are a cool thing, but I think the tools to make them happen should be released a few weeks after the game comes out, at least. Play the game a little the way the devs meant it to be played then have fun messing with it. I think Bethesda did a great job with Skyrim, waiting a little while before they opened up the Steam Workshop. Now you can load that game up, install all sorts of mods, and it seems like a totally different game than the one that originally came out.

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Level design.

Best on FPS.

Best on Halo.

Best on consoles.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> wat

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Sounds like a McConaughey Lincoln commercial.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> But << LINK REMOVED >> has been making such comments since... long before anyone paid McConaughey to do something that sounds similar. :)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> "Half-Life"

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"Thug life"