Dying Light 2's Cross-Gen Console Performance And Co-Op Gameplay Shown Off In New Livestream

In the sixth Dying 2 Know episode, Dying Light 2's co-op and cross-gen console versions were briefly detailed.


In the final Dying 2 Know episode this week, Dying Light 2 developers Techland showed off how cross-gen console comparisons of its zombie post-apocalypse sandbox will perform.

The footage--which you can see from the six-minute mark in the video embedded below--showed the game running on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4. Techland appears to have opted for a 30 frames-per-second visual rate for the last-gen consoles, while current-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X footage saw the game running at 60 fps.

While the footage looked decent and up to speed, it's worth noting that it was shown in a smaller video window within the actual stream, so it'll be interesting to see how this slice of content compares to the real deal on Xbox One and PS4 come launch day. Techland did add that more comparisons will be uploaded later this month.

Also shown off during the stream was co-op gameplay, which will support up to four players as they work together to fend off undead mobs and move the narrative along. As an added twist, a party can vote on key choices that will be made throughout the campaign, although the host of the party will ultimately have the deciding vote. If you join a friend for a co-op session, all character progress and items earned will follow you back to your own game after a co-op session has ended.

After six years of development and several road bumps along the way, Dying Light 2 will finally be out on February 4. The game looks massive so far, and while it technically won't take you several hundred hours to complete, Techland believes that there's more than enough content available in it to keep players invested for approximately 21 uninterrupted days of gaming.

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