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Dying Light 2 Stay Human's First Halloween Event Turns Zombies Into Pumpkins

Fight off Dying Light 2's new "Pumpkintile" enemies for special treats in this week-long Halloween event.


While Dying Light 2's zombie-filled open world already feels ready for the spooky season, developer Techland has announced a week-long Halloween event to bring even more seasonal treats. The game's dangerous volatiles have been turned into jack-o-lantern-esque "Pumpkintiles," with all infected dropping a new currency called "Treats," which can be traded for Halloween-themed goodies.

The All Hallows Eve event is active now, running from October 25 to November 4, with Techland describing it as Dying Light 2's "biggest in-game event" since it released in February. The event calls back to the original game's classic Halloween events, with visual updates scattering decorations around the world--including the pumpkin-headed volatiles.

Once players have collected enough Treats from infected, they can visit a new seasonal in-game vendor called Baka the Unfortunate, who will exchange Treats for potions with unusual new effects.

Players will also be able to get their hands on seasonal cosmetics with the new Dying Laugh bundle, which will be available for free between November 3-10. The bundle includes a new clown costume, a matching weapon, and a seasonal paraglider skin.

Halloween masks are also available for players who complete the event's special daily and weekly bounties. Some of the Halloween items are locked behind global goals, which require all players to come together to collect a certain number of treats, unlocking rewards across the Dying Light 2 playerbase.

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