Dying Light 2 Preorder Guide: Release Date, Collector's Edition, Bonuses, And More

Dying Light 2 releases February 4 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


After a long way, Dying Light 2 is almost here. The sequel from Techland releases on February 4 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Dying Light 2 was initially revealed at E3 2018 but has suffered numerous setbacks since. If you're looking forward to Dying Light 2, you can preorder it now at all major retailers. Those who order early will get in-game bonuses, and there are multiple different editions to choose from.

Dying Light 2 Preorder Bonuses

Dying Light preorder bonuses
Dying Light preorder bonuses

All Dying Light 2 preorders come with the Reload Pack, which comes with a weapon, paraglider skin, and outfit to use in game. If you preorder a physical edition at Walmart, you'll get three exclusive art cards.

Dying Light 2 kicks off 20 years after the events of the original. You play as new protagonist Aiden Caldwell, an infected human with some seriously great zombie-killing powers. Aided by fast parkour-style movements and extreme strength, Aiden has to begin the process of rebuilding the metropolis. Civilization has crumbled, leading to a world filled with violence and lawlessness. In Dying Light 2, those who are infected like to spend time in dark corridors and only really venture out during the night. We'd expect it to retain the demanding identity of the original, including a reliance on resource management and danger at every corner.

As demonstrated in this gameplay trailer, Dying Light 2's world reacts to your choices. There are competing factions across the city that you can befriend and betray, making for a dynamic experience that gives you the freedom to take on the adventure however you see fit. Dying Light 2 will support co-op for up to four players, and current-gen versions will have performance enhancements.

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