Dying Light 2 Hoverboard: Where And How To Get This Easter Egg

Dying Light 2 is full of fun Easter eggs, like this gnarly hoverboard you can find in a church of all places.


Dying Light 2 fans were surely expecting lots of Easter eggs given how the first game tucked away so many secrets, and now that the game is out, fans are turning over every stone to find them, such as the Dying Light 2 hoverboard. While a hoverboard in a game with such fun parkour elements may sound like an awesome new toy, this one is quite limited in its availability, as you can only ride it as part of a secret parkour challenge. Still, it's worth finding the hoverboard for the novelty of it, plus you'll grab some Military Tech in the same spot. Here's how to get the hoverboard in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 hoverboard location

The Dying Light 2 hoverboard is not simply found in one location. You'll have to follow a figurative breadcrumb trail and pick up all the related pieces before you can use it. But the journey is reliably the same for everyone, and we've even got a few shortcuts to make it easier for you. Your search for the hoverboard should begin at the Church of St. Thomas The Apostle, located on the far east side of Central Loop in the Saint Paul Island district.

Though you can scale this building with your parkour abilities, the fastest way to get inside is to glide to the roof from the Cedar Windmill sandbox activity just across the courtyard. Land on the roof and enter the belltower. You'll see next to the bell is a power supply box, but it's not plugged in. Descend the belltower carefully, aiming for one of the ledges on your freefall so you don't take fall damage.

Save yourself a lot of time by gliding over to the roof instead of climbing to it.
Save yourself a lot of time by gliding over to the roof instead of climbing to it.

At the bottom, you'll see the power box with the cord to pull. Grab it, then climb back to the top of the bell tower where you were moments before. Plug the cord into the box, then go outside and down one level to another open window. Inside you'll see a radio on a desk and, across the small room, some crates in a corner. Interact with the radio to hear a few characters talking, and when they're done, you'll notice a piece of a hoverboard will have suddenly spawned in the room.

Interact with it to add it to your inventory, then notice that you'll be prompted to use your Survivor Sense (by clicking right-stick on controller). Do so, and you'll see the oft-used red smoky trail is now leading outside and down onto street level. Because this next step will have you running at ground level, we recommend doing this part during the daytime, or else you'll likely end up being in a chase at night.

Now, you could follow the trail to its next two important steps, but we're about to make it easier. Instead of chasing the trail, which gets pretty tricky as its hard to follow in the harsh light of Villedor, we'll show you your next two stops. The first one is on a bridge in the southeast corner of the Muddy Grounds district.

Grab a second hoverboard piece halfway across the bridge in this location.
Grab a second hoverboard piece halfway across the bridge in this location.

Grab the hoverboard piece on the right side of the bridge, then head further west. Your next and final hoverboard piece location is sneakily inside of a car's trunk in the southwest corner of the same district. When you get near, you'll see the parkour challenge icon plastered over it. Open it to reveal a final hoverboard piece and you'll be prompted to start the Hoverboard parkour challenge.

Your last hoverboard piece is in a trunk in this corner of Muddy Grounds.
Your last hoverboard piece is in a trunk in this corner of Muddy Grounds.

This challenge is designed for players at least at level 3, and to get the gold medal and its boon of parkour XP, you'll need to finish it in 70 seconds or faster. A 90-second placement time will get you silver, while two minutes and a half minutes are all that's needed for bronze. Note that there are mines scattered throughout the course, so you'll need to dodge those as you hit each checkpoint. If you're struggling to do this one quickly, you may just need to level up some more first. As with a lot of parkour challenges, it will get easier with experience.

The hoverboard doesn't seem to be usable outside of this challenge, but it's a fun distraction when you're not running for your life at night or looking to upgrade your Dying Light 2 weapons.

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