Dying Light 2 Gets New Game Plus Mode On April 27

Return of the parkouring dead.


Dying Light 2 developer Techland has announced that New Game Plus will be added to the game on April 27 in its next update. Available once you've finished the base game, you'll be able to revisit the game's campaign and replay stories that give you a second chance to make crucial decisions and alter Dying Light 2's narrative.

To make the mode more challenging, enemies will scale their challenge to Aiden's level and several encounters have been designed to offer a more lethal experience. Techland says that these special battles will feature unique enemies with unexpected behavior patterns, but the rewards will include greater Legendary-class weapon rarity and valuable items.

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If a return to Dying Light 2's city does become too dangerous, there will be 30 new inhibitors hidden on the map that can be used to maximize Aiden's health and stamina. In addition to that, Dying Light 2 players on consoles can also experiment with a FOV slider when the update goes live and several bugs will be patched.

Since it launched in February, Dying Light 2 has managed to sell 5 million units across console and PC. Techland plans to support Dying Light 2 for five years, which could help sales reach the 20 million mark set by the original game eventually.

GameSpot's Dying Light 2 review scored the game a 6/10. Reviewer Mark Delaney said, "It's rough around the edges and it asks players to invest a lot in its weakest element, but once you realize the story, like gravity, is only going to pull you down, you can begin to defy it and enjoy the things Dying Light 2 actually does well."

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