Dying Light 2 - Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Egg: How To Get Cyberhands 2177 Secret Weapon

This hard-to-reach secret weapon is one of Dying Light 2's most wanted.


In Dying Light 2, there's a Cyberpunk 2077 Easter egg, and really, who couldn't have seen that coming? With both games being massive RPGs emerging out of Poland, it was a foregone conclusion that we'd get some sort of nod to CD Projekt Red's controversial 2020 game. Luckily, in Dying Light 2, you can skip the discourse and just reap the reward of a secret weapon: Cyberhands 2177. These special "knuckledusters" can only be found from a particular NPC, and if you're not careful, you can lock yourself out of meeting him before you've ever had the chance. Here's how to get the secret Cyberpunk weapon in this Dying Light 2 Easter egg.

Dying Light 2 secret weapon / Cyberpunk Easter egg

To start, you'll need to scale to the top of the VNC Tower. This is the tallest building in the game, and it'll be unavailable no matter your stamina level until you get to the story mission called Broadcast. After that mission ends, you can re-enter the building on the bottom floor via a north-facing entrance underneath some UV lights.

Take the elevator to the roof and--after a rather lengthy ride--exit and turn left. Scale the green metal structure on the roof and look out to a vista featuring more skyscrapers, each slightly smaller than the VNC Tower. Using your glider, soar over to the nearest building's roof--the one with an antenna on top of it. You can grab a Military Tech cache while you're there, then jump off again and glide to the next building.

In this image, you can see how you're meant to jump from building to building before you find the NPC waiting at the circle marker.
In this image, you can see how you're meant to jump from building to building before you find the NPC waiting at the circle marker.

Once you land, head to the far left side and look for a man standing near a campfire. Interact with him for a cheeky dialogue that indicates he comes from Night City. The NPC will then leave, but in his place will be the Cyberhands 2177 knuckledusters blueprint.

Why isn't the NPC spawning?

If the NPC doesn't spawn for you, it seems to be because he disappears after you beat the game. This blocked us from getting the weapon ourselves for now. To ensure the NPC is there, make the time to get to that route after you beat the mission Broadcast but before you start the epilogue, which the game warns you about with a point of no return-style prompt. It's unclear if the Cyberpunk NPC's disappearance in the post-game is intentional or a bug to be fixed, so for now, play it safe and get over to that roof before you hit credits.

You can craft the weapon with a simple yet costly recipe; you'll need only Scraps, but 369 pieces of them. The fastest way to get this much Scrap is to buy it off of vendors and Craftmasters. If you're still lacking after buying out all of Villedor's supply, keep searching in Forsaken Stores at night, where Scrap is the main loot item you'll leave with.

This secret weapon is a Night City import.
This secret weapon is a Night City import.

The Cyberhands 2177 weapon is a nod to Cyberpunk 2077 in more than name. It gives Aiden two scythe-like forearm extensions not unlike those you can get in the 2020 RPG, as you can see in the image above from 100% Guides on Youtube.

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