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Dying Light 2 Adds Premium Currency, And Can You Guess How Players Reacted?

Techland says it's aware of the negative feedback and is plotting some changes.


Techland has introduced a premium currency offering to Dying Light 2, and the decision has upset a portion of the game's fanbase. An in-game store for Dying Light 2 launched on September 7, adding "DL Points," which players can purchase with real money to buy skins.

The addition of this premium currency in Dying Light 2 caused a backlash, in particular for how bundles were priced in such a way that many had leftover DL Points after making purchases. Looking ahead, Techland said it could add the ability to purchase individual items from existing bundles, so that anyone with leftover DL Points could spend them elsewhere. Techland also reminded players that the Dying Light 2 in-game store has several bundles priced below 500 DL Points, so fans can grab these while they wait for a better solution, if they want.

Techland said in a FAQ that players can enjoy Dying Light 2 without buying any DL Points, "So if you are not a fan of skin bundles, feel free to ignore them and carry on with your day!"

Dying Light 2 already had these skin bundles, but players had to buy them through their platform's store. Now, with the introduction of DL Points, players can buy them in-game. "DL Points also make our lives easier, because we won't have to set up the bundles on multiple outside stores," the studio said.

Also in the FAQ, Techland said the next Dying Light 2 expansion is being developed by a different team than the one that implemented DL Points. As such, the arrival of DL Points is not "in any way" connected to the expansion's delay. Instead, Techland said, "We just want to improve the game further for it to fully meet our and your expectations."

Dying Light 2 launched in February 2022 and got off to a great start, selling 5 million copies in its first month.

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