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Dying In Call Of Duty: Warzone Can Now Turn You Into A Zombie

Zombification only happens in Duos, Trios, and Quads. A death in Solo should send you to the Gulag.


As Verdansk is being overrun by zombies, dying in Call of Duty: Warzone can now turn players into the fleshing-eating undead--under very specific circumstances.

First, zombification doesn't happen in Solo play. To become a zombie, players must be in a team in Duos, Trios, or Quads. After that, players have to land at Ship Wreck or Prison in Verdansk. But wait, there's more to this.

Once at Ship Wreck or Prison, players will come into contact with some amorphous green gas that deals continuous damage. Dying to this gas will redeploy players as a zombie with three distinct abilities: a Charged Jump, EMP Blast, and Gas Grenade.

Be one with your inner zombie.
Be one with your inner zombie.

In our testing, the regular gas slowly enveloping the map seemingly doesn't damage the zombified form. It's unclear what happens if a zombie player wins a match. However, it appears that when the team dies, so does the zombified player.

Warzone players may remember a similar zombification that happened in Warzone last year, when The Haunting of Verdansk added Trick-Or-Trios and Zombie Royale game types to celebrate Halloween.

This zombification comes just as co-developer Raven Software is said to nuke Verdansk on April 21 in the wake of the ongoing zombie outbreak. Earlier this month, Warzone players learned that containment levels were at 66%. New in-game screenshots reveal containment has revealed 100% and protocol level 4 is active.

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