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Dwarf Fortress Sells Nearly 500K Copies In December

The strategy game launched on Steam in early December.


Bay 12 Games has announced that its strategy game Dwarf Fortress sold almost 500,000 copies in December.

In a recent forum post, co-designer and programmer Tarn Adams shared the milestone almost one month after the game officially arrived on Steam, saying that the launch went great but that they won't have specific numbers until mid-February when everything is processed through Valve and publisher Kitfox.

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"In January we're going to begin the exciting new era of having more than one programmer on the project," Adams shared. "I don't have any idea how long it will take to ramp things up etc., but this should eventually help with bug fixes, ports, and more. This at least frees up more of my time for features, and maybe we'll also figure out how to involve multiple people with those as well."

The programmer promises that more bug fixes and quality-of-life updates are coming, as well as arena mode. Adams added that he wants to start working on adventure mode while more patches come in, "..but I don't expect to be able to start on adventure mode this month while we're figuring all of this out and arena mode is still to come."

Dwarf Fortress was originally released in 2006 for free with the primary development team consisting of brothers Tarn and Zach Adams. After relaunching on Steam last year, the simulation game now features improved graphics, brand-new UI, new sound design, and more. Right now, Steam reviews shows an "overwhelmingly positive" reception from players.

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