DVD <i>FFVII: Advent Children</i> priced, detailed

Square Enix's anticipated CG movie to hit Japan at a standard DVD price; limited edition will include an original anime featurette, PS game.


TOKYO--Square Enix has released additional product details on the DVD version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in Japan. To begin with, the game-inspired, computer-animated film's running time will be 97 minutes, and it will sport Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Aside from the movie, the Advent Children DVD also features a 30-minute documentary that outlines the original FFVII PlayStation game. In addition, it includes various trailers related to Final Fantasy, such as a 10-minute promotional video of the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII." No new information on the Universal Media Disc version of the game was released.

The regular DVD edition of Advent Children will be priced at 4,800 yen ($45), standard for a DVD in Japan, and the first shipment of the DVD will come in a specially designed package. A limited-edition DVD will also be available for a hefty 29,500 yen ($275). The limited edition includes a toy figure of Cloud and his motorbike Fenrir, as well as an additional DVD that features an original FFVII anime short, titled "Last Order: Final Fantasy VII," and a special edition of the Final Fantasy VII PlayStation game. Both the normal and limited edition will be released on September 14. The full list of bonus items featured in the limited edition is listed below.

1. Cloud model figure with Fenrir motorcycle
2. Special DVD that includes the following four content
--Original Video Anime (OVA) "Last Order Final Fantasy VII"
--Making of documentary
--Feature: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Venice International Film Festival version)
--Advent Children trailers
3. Reproduction of Advent Children script
4. cap
5. T-shirt
6. Keychain with serial number
7. PlayStation "Final Fantasy VII: International" with special-edition label

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