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Duraludon Joins Pokemon Unite Roster On March 14

The Steel- and Dragon-type Pokemon was first revealed for the PokeMOBA on Pokemon Day.


After being teased during the recent Pokemon Presents livestream--the same presentation as the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveal--the Steel- and Dragon-type Pokemon Duraludon will be coming to Pokemon Unite on March 14.

A brief Character Spotlight trailer was released showing off Duraludon's abilities, which, thanks to its Ranged Attacker designation rely heavily on long-distance battles using lasers and other projectiles. It can also create floating rocks that damage enemies over time, release a burst of energy for area-of-effect damage, and emit a shockwave that sends it backwards, creating distance between it and nearby opponents.

Duraludon's Unite move was also revealed in the trailer, an orange laser blast followed by a massive area-of-effect attack that covers nearly the entire center area of the map. This new entrant into the Pokemon Unite arena looks to be effective against both opposing team members and wild Pokemon, but we won't know for sure until March 14.

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play five-on-five MOBA set in the Pokemon universe, with teams gathering energy from battling Pokemon in order to score points. Other recent Pokemon additions include the Legendary Pokemon Hoopa, the sentient sword and shield Aegislash, and the ghost tree Trevenant.

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