Dungeons & Dragons Reveals New Critical Role Book, Call Of The Netherdeep

The next DnD book will arrive in March 2022.


Fans of Critical Role will be happy to see another Dungeons & Dragons book coming to stores in the near future. Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep is inspired by the campaigns from the hit series.

Arriving on March 15, 2022 and costing $50, the book was designed in collaboration with Matthew Mercer, Critical Role's DM. The book is the first major adventure set in Exandrea. Check out the cover for the upcoming book below, which was created by Minttu Hynninen.

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"Call of the Netherdeep leads adventurers to the glimmering oasis-city of Ank'Harel on the continent of Marquet, and from there into a sunken realm of gloom, corruption, and sorrow known as the Netherdeep--a terrifying cross between the Far Realm and the deep ocean," reads the official description. "Above it all, the red moon of Ruidus watches, twisting the fates of those who have the power to shape the course of history. Fans will discover that the greed of mortals has awakened a powerful entity long thought destroyed, a mighty champion of the gods that has been imprisoned in the darkest depths of Exandria for eons, with his name and heroic deeds forgotten. Languishing in despair, he calls out for new heroes to save him."

The book will contain new creatures and magic items and seven chapters of adventures for you and your friends to play. There is also a new mechanic that introduces a rival party of NPCs. This isn't a book to begin your journey as a level 1 character though. Call of the Netherdeep takes players from level 3 to 12.

"My co-leads, Matthew Mercer and James Haeck, have crafted a story that feels true to Critical Role while also being something that all D&D fans can enjoy," said D&D game design architect Chris Perkins. "The story has depth, and there’s a wealth of setting information in this book for all the Critters out there. I can't wait to see how all fans play through the first hardcover adventure D&D has produced set in the world of Critical Role."

"Getting to bring a direct adventure book within Exandria to life is really such an exciting thing, especially exploring ideas and elements I've never been able to bring to a campaign myself yet," said Mercer. "Working with such a talented team to develop and craft a tale like this is an absolute honor, and I cannot wait for folks to step into the unique mysteries and dark challenges that Call of the Netherdeep invites."

Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep arrives on March 15, 2022.

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