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Dungeons And Dragons New Boneyard Miniatures Are Terrifying And Grotesque

Check out some of the DnD miniatures for your gameplay from WizKids, along with the price and possible release date.


Dungeons & Dragons is an expansive universe featuring many fantasy elements made of sugar and spice and everything nice. However, there is a darker, scarier side to the creatures you may encounter in D&D, and WizKids' new Boneyard miniatures highlight the terror.

WizKids has a targeted release for numerous Boneyard figures and packs for March 2021. GameSpot was sent a few of the miniatures to be included in this set early to check out. As usual, all of these miniatures are highly-detailed with exceptionally great paint jobs.

Zombies, skeletons, and grotesque creatures await you in the D&D Icons of the Realms: Boneyard Booster packs, and they're almost as terrifying as the Hand and Eye of Vecna collectible. Check out some of the monsters you can pick up in these boosters below.

D&D Icons of the Realm: Boneyard Booster Packs

Tyrannosaurus Zombie
Tyrannosaurus Zombie

Here are the monsters you can see above, in order of appearance:

  • Tyrannosaurus Zombie
  • Hill Giant Skeleton
  • Juvenile Kraken
  • Sibriex
  • Atropal
  • Bone Whelk
  • Vampire Spellcaster
  • Mummy Lord
  • Lich
  • Elder Oblex
  • Otyugh
  • Bone Naga
  • Skittering Horror

Boosters can be purchased individually ($20) or in a brick of eight ($160). Each booster contains a mix of one large and three small or medium-sized minis. There are a total of 46 miniatures in this set, and all of them have a clear base to see the terrain below.

As far as larger miniatures go, the Boneyard has some pretty fantastic Dracolichs coming out. There is a Green and Blue Dracolich--which are undead dragons with the powers of a lich. This is not something you want to mess with in your campaign.

D&D Icons of the Realm: Boneyard Green and Blue Dracolich

Green Dracolich
Green Dracolich

Much like various other WizKids dragons we've seen before--like the recently released Red Dragon and Arveiaturace--both the Blue and Green Dracolichs have an action pose. The Blue Dracolich hovers above the battlefield while the Green Dracolich crawls across the battlefield, ready to snap at your players.

Much like other minis, the Dracolichs will have a clear base, so you can see the terrain on the battlefield. The Dracolichs cost $70 each and will be available online and in stores by this March. As of this writing, you can preorder the Blue Dracholich and Green Dracholich on the DnD Mini site.

D&D Icons of the Realm: Boneyard Promo Boxes

Skeleton Kobolds and Orc Skeleton in front of Green Dracolich
Skeleton Kobolds and Orc Skeleton in front of Green Dracolich

There are also a couple of Boneyard packs you won't be able to purchase individually for yourself. The first is the Boneyard Kobold Skeleton Promo Box. It comes with four minis, and you can get a hold of them yourself if you pre-order any Boneyard set on DnD Mini's website.

The other promo pack landing in local gaming shops is the Orc Skeleton set. This contains three miniatures. However, these will be tougher to get a hold of. They will be in brick and mortar local game stores only, not for resale. Each stores will determine how to distribute these sets, so make sure to check with your store.

Keep your eye on the WizKids store in the upcoming weeks for more info about these new sets, including preorders. In other recent D&D news, WizKids has partnered with Critical Role to take some of the show's characters and monsters and put them into mini form. And if you're looking for a new D&D adventure book, on March 16, Candlekeep Mysteries releases, which is an anthology of stories which take one to two sessions to get through.

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