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Dungeons And Dragons Has A New Collectible That's Exceptionally Weird

WizKids' Eye and Hand of Vecna is truly bizarre and grotesque.


Dungeons & Dragons is filled with larger-than-life characters, mystical elements, and out-of-the-ordinary items. And while WizKids has been producing collectibles based on content from D&D books for years--like these two dragon miniatures--it's now moving into items that won't help your campaign but will look great on your shelf. And arriving this February is the Hand and Eye of Vecna, which is--simply put--a severed hand holding an eyeball.

For a little background from D&D lore, Vecna was a powerful wizard who used dark magic to create a horrific empire. Fearful of his eventual death--as he was a mortal--Vecna learned from the demon prince of undeath, Orcus, how to live on after death as a lich. Vecna became the greatest of all liches, but his lieutenant, Kas, found a way to defeat him. And all that remains of Vecna is his left hand and eye--both coveted items with magical abilities. WizKids sent us the collectible a bit early to check out, and you can see the photos of it below.

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The WizKids collectible comes with the hand, the eye, a glass jar and wooden stand, a metal wire mount, and a piece of cloth to cover the mount. The eye fits between the fingers of the hand, with a little help from a magnet. How much does something like this cost? $130, and while it is available for preorder on Amazon, there isn't an official WizKids Store listing at the time of this writing, but you can preorder on the official D&D Mini website.

While it looks cool, there were a couple of minor drawbacks we found while checking this piece out. The eye is held between a few fingers on the Hand of Vecna because of the magic of magnetism, but any little bump--like when placing it on the shelf--made the eye fall out of the hand. This was rectified by pushing the eye between the fingers a little. There were also some minor issues getting the wire support stand into the wooden base, but bending the wire helped a lot with keeping it in place.

However, the Hand and Eye of Vecna is strangely beautiful and the most bizarre and macabre piece WizKids has produced to date. It's a severed hand and eye from a wizard that wanted eternal life at full scale. But that doesn't mean D&D fans should pass this one by. It's extremely detailed and a great discussion piece for fans of the tabletop RPG. While Venca's body parts may not be advertised as part of your daily gameplay, it could be used by a DM if these items are part of a quest. A physical representation of these magical items could add a little bit of spice to your adventure--and who hasn't pretended that your dice bad is a Bag of Holding at one point?

The Hand and Eye of Vecna from WizKids is coming to stores in February.

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